Work and Travel: Episode 12 – Kelly O’Shea on How to Start a Public Relations Firm

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Hey everyone, welcome to Do It While You’re Young – I’m Bret. And today we have Kelly O’Shea. Kelly started her own public relations firm where she’s carved out a really cool niche for her business – representing luxury lifestyle and travel brands, including St. Barts tourism committee, Magellan Jets, and The de Savary Family Properties, to name a few. You’ll be impressed by how Kelly translated her experience working at small boutique agencies into launching her own ambitious public relations firm. Here’s what you’re going to get out of watching the interview:

  • learn how Kelly used networking and positioned herself to launch her firm with a client list from day one.
  • learn how Kelly carved out a niche in a crowded public relations industry and how she positions her services when approaching new customers
  • hear Kelly’s black-belt PR strategies she uses to saturate the media with the brand messaging her clients hire her for.

Be sure to check out Kelly’s written interview to learn more about Kelly’s influences, her advice on personal branding, and actionable steps you can take to launch your own successful travel career or related business.

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Biba 1

Amazing article – i think only saying that will be insulting – I loved it!

Everyone else is promoting one product or another but your article showed depth and material


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