10 Women Who Will Teach You How to Kick Ass at Travel and Life

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Where can you find the most successful women travel writers and businesswomen?

(Yes, most in our list manage thriving online businesses.)

Right here, at Do It While You’re Young.

There are TONS of incredible women travel writers who we follow and admire. We put together this list so you can follow and admire them along with us.

Below are 10 women who will teach you how to kick ass at travel and life.

Each of these women are on the verge of big things. Many of them have already accomplished incredible things. Follow those on the verge now so you can say “I knew her when.”

We’d also love to hear who you would add to this list in the comments below. We’re looking for women travel writers who can help our community of readers become better travelers… better at balancing everything life has to throw at us… better careerists and better entrepreneurs.

In no particular order, here are 10 of our favorite women travel writers online.

Christine Gilbert – Almost FearlessChristine Gilbert Travel Writer

Twitter – @AlmostFearless 

Christine has been absolutely crushing it lately.

Traveling overseas with her husband since 2008, Christine and Drew recently added a third traveler to the mix – their son Cole. For all those parents out there reading, Christine and Drew prove that you can raise a family while travelling the world on a budget.

Christine used to be a corporate manager – then she became a travel writer and a (very good) photographer. The move to travel writing was somewhat spontaneous, but it seems to be paying off in spades.

The thing we really like about Christine is that she has excellent taste – both in subject matter like her photo essays that tell the story, and with the ideas she chooses to emphasize on her blog.

One of the cool ideas she’s got brewing – a documentary titled The Wireless Generation. The film has been in the works since Christine and Drew raised their seed money from their community of readers. They’re wrapping up the film and will be raising funding from Kickstarter to get it out in front of people. For those interested in what it’s like traveling and running a business at the same time, you’re going to want to catch this when it hits theaters.

Aside from traveling and creating documentaries about nomadic lifestyles, Christine has also been publishing e-books like Twitter for Travelers and A Practical Guide to Going Digital.

Aspiring travel writers – take notice.


Wendy Perrin – Perrin PostWendy Perrin travel writer

Twitter – @PerrinPost 

There are an estimated 200 million travel-related blogs on the Internet (don’t remember where we heard that… maybe we made it up?), with hundreds more being launched each day. With so many amateur travel bloggers publishing prosaic or self-indulgent ramblings of the “Today I went to a museum” variety, finding a good read requires patience and a bit of luck.

So let us tell you that you can cut out the B.S. and bring you a bit of luck as well by checking out Wendy Perrin with Condé Nast Traveler’s The Perrin Post.

Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America have all gone straight to her.

We think you should too.

Oh, and one more thing… Wendy’s worst city for driving? Florence.

(Anyone else out there? Worst driving city? Leave a comment.)


Christine Ka’aloa – Grrrl TravelerChristine Ka'aloa travel writer

Twitter – @GrrrlTraveler

We like travel writers with grit. In Christine’s case, she’s got more than just grit.

She’s got grrr.

Born and raised in Hawaii and being Hapa – Native Hawaiian, Japanese, German & Chinese – Christine’s appreciation for cultural diversity began at home. She can navigate cuisine via chopsticks, poi fingers and traditional western silverware. We think it’s safe to say kitchen utensils are one of her many strengths.

Cool fact separating Christine from the pack – she’s produced, directed and shot for U.S. reality shows (seems like a great fit for a travel writer, huh?). You might go so far as to call her the triple-threat – she’s also an actress,and she recently landed a part on the TV show Hawaii Five-O. Congrats Christine!

Currently, Christine is teaching English in Daegu, South Korea.

Check out Christine’s piece on solo traveling as a female. It will blow your mind.

“I’m reading about 10 women who know a thing or two about how to kick ass at travel and life.” <– Click here to Tweet this.

Jeannie Mark – Nomadic ChickJeannie Mark travel writer

Twitter – @NomadicChick

Jeannie has been setting the bar for the rest of us lately.

Her web site design is fabulous and impressively unique, she’s got a great command of both travel and style, and she is one of five women selected to travel to Pamplona, Spain for the running of the bulls as part of Girls Running With Bulls.


A mid-life crisis victim who left the cubicles of corporate work and started traveling both for leisure and career, Jeannie’s travel blog is among the top 100 travel blogs according to the Googlemeister.

Jeannine started her travel adventures in 2010 and currently calls China home. She’s published several articles related to China which includes teaching, adventuring and living local.


Lois and Chichi – Sole SistersSole Sisters travel writer

Twitter – @WeRSoleSisters

Here’s your dance lesson for today. The Americano reminds us a lot of the Macarena. We don’t dance the Americano, much like we don’t dance the Macarena. A few beers could always change that.

One thing that immediately jumped out to us while following Sole Sisters – these girls have some serious business-savvy. They’ve been online for a little over two years, and are already generating some serious buzz. Aspiring travel writers will want to follow along as they expand their brand.

If you’ve been following the Girls Running With Bulls project, you likely heard the sad news – Lois, who was one of the original five women selected to take part in the running at San Fermin, was denied a visa… twice! Nuts!

Of course, true to form, she was able to put a positive spin on the experience.

If you’re looking for a good cheer-up, check out Sole Sisters. These two exude positivity, and we see nothing but sunny skies for them ahead.


Nicole Blake – Nicole is the New BlackNicole Black travel writer

Twitter – @NicoleNewBlack


Travel. Of course.

When ordinary people are faced with dilemmas, they sometimes resort to a higher power. Hence ‘What would Jesus Do?’

Nicole has her own lexicon.

What is Verna Gonna Say. WIVGS.

Nicole gauges the ridiculousness of ideas on how her mom would react. You’ll see the WIVGS sprinkled into her posts – it’s a sanity check for her wild adventures.

You’ll appreciate her insight into Berlin, where the whole travel writing pursuit started and where she now calls home. She mentions her ambition for the blog was to become an inspiration for Black women to experience the fun of traveling.

That’s ambition we admire here at DIWYY. It’s why Nicole makes our list of exceptional women.

WIVGS. Seriously. What is she gonna say?


Janice Waugh – Solo Traveler BlogJanice Waugh travel writer

Twitter – @SoloTraveler

Janice caught our eye when we noticed that she has a ridiculously large Twitter following.

She also has a ridiculously long list of news sources she’s been featured in. CNN. LA Times. The Washington Post. To name a few.

Janice’s inspiration for the Solo Traveler Blog is unique – forged from the personal tragedy of her husband passing away in 2006.

We can’t think of anyone better-suited to offer insight and advice on traveling solo as Jennifer. We’re going to let her words take it from here.

Solo travel is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a place on your own terms – without the distractions or schedule of others. It gives you time for contemplation and personal growth.

Couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.


Evelyn Hannon – Journey WomanEvelyn Hannon travel writer

Twitter – @journeywoman

This list is incomplete without the “grandmother of women’s travel”.

At 70+ years of age, Evelyn’s the kind of experienced traveler we all can learn from.

Journeywoman.com is vintage design… and we LOVE that! The best travel writers know this – it’s about the content, and Evelyn has been writing incredible content since the 80’s when she decided she wanted to travel on her own. By 1994, she had her own magazine providing advice to other women travelers. In 1997, she took her magazine online and became one of the first travel writers on the web.

We were still in high school studying Chaucer and trigonometry in ‘97.

Travel writers take notice – Evelyn is putting up fan numbers that LeBron James would be jealous over:

  • 70,000 subscribers on her email list
  • 11,000 followers on Twitter
  • 300,000 page views per month on her site.

Proving once and for all that grandma’s can kick some ass of their own.


Jodi Ettenberg – Legal NomadsJodi Ettenberg travel writer

Twitter – @legalnomads

Jodi has carved out a cool little niche for her travel blog.

Lawyers gone rogue to travel.

Jodi worked as a corporate lawyer for five years while saving for her travels. Legal Nomads started in 2008 as a journal to keep photos and share stories so family and friends could follow along as she travelled around the world, one country at a time.

Our favorite feature of the site (and something we’re going to need to model for our photo of the week feature) is her photoessays section.

So how much should you save for a trip to <insert country / continent here>? We get this question a lot here at DIWYY.

Jodi suggests saving $10,000 to $15,000 a year to visit places like Southeast Asia or South America. In Australia or Europe, you’re going to need more.

Wondering how Jodi affords to keep traveling? So were we. So we went searching and found this.

Are we just a little bit jealous?

Um, yeah.

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Kim Mance, Maren Hogan, Courtney McGann – Go GalavantingKim Mance travel writer

Twitter – @galavanting

We are torn. This next trio was on our list, then off it, and now are (obviously) back on the list because the video blog (vlog?) they started is so compelling.
Maren Hogan travel writerSo we’re going to first mention what the heck it is they are doing that is so special. And then you are going to bombard their email address telling them to get the hell back on the air because the travel community needs them.

Courtney McGann Travel WriterGalavanting follows three vibrant young women with varying interests, but a common love of exploration. What’s unique about this group of women is their use of multimedia to get their message across. Go Galavanting is more like a TV channel than it is a travel blog.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, here’s the problem. They haven’t published any new content in over two years.

Whaaaa? What’s going on here?

We know. That was our reaction too.

We tried to get in touch with these three, but to no avail.

So, Kim Mance, fan of indie travel, indie music, indie fashion and anything off the beaten path, s’il vous plaît revenir sur l’air et de nous donner plus de dégustation de vin 101 pour les voyageurs avec Gary Vaynerchuk.

(Kim speaks French and is conversational in several other languages. And you’re going to have to translate here.)

And for pete’s sake, Maren Hogan, high-level marketing executive and bargain-hunter with a love of nightlife who travels to escape, let’s see some more weekend travel on a budget.

And Courtney McGann. Courtney. Please. Break free of your advertising escapades and crafting clever one-liners so we can learn more about Grand Cayman Island 4WD adventure shore excursions.

And in an interesting twist, check out the Galavanting Girls’ interview with another travel writer on our list, Wendy Perrin.

Now, go email them here and tell them to get back on the air!



Here at Do It While You’re Young, we take inspiration from these travel writers in how they started their blogs and grew them organically. They were in it for the love of travel, and only after the incredible response from their followers did they realize they could create a sustainable business from their passions.

You’re going to want to stay tuned to DIWYY in the coming months. We have some exciting initiatives planned that will help the DIWYY brand grow into new media channels, reach more people, and put the DIWYY brand on the map for helping women live, play, and explore.

The best way to stay connected is through our email newsletter, which you can sign up for below.

We hope you enjoyed our list of women teaching us how to kick ass at traveling and life.

Now, go kick some of your own.

Who would YOU add to this list?

In the comments below, please share one or two of your favorite women online who might help other women travelers plan purpose-driven travel and find meaningful pursuits in life.


*Special thanks to Corbett Barr for the inspiration behind this post.

Oneika the Traveller 1

*Raises hand* Can I add myself?! I´m a travel blogger who is an expat extraordinaire, polyglot, and adventurist… 😉

In all seriousness, though, I just spent the last week in Pamplona, Spain dodging bulls with Jeannie and Nicole (as part of the Girls Running with Bulls project) and have to say that their blogging knowledge, business acumen, and all around awesomeness is out of this world! I always love that Lois is included on the list- I was genuinely disappointed that she wasn´t able to join us in Spain as her positivity and exuberance made me really want to meet her in person!

Love this profile of strong female travel bloggers kicking ass in the industry. Keep ´em coming!


Absolutely, Oneika, and thanks for your mention.

We have a surprise for you coming – we actually have a follow-up feature that will publish next week Wed. And we featured you because we are so impressed with your work. We started with 20 bloggers, and realized the post was growing so large that we decided to split it into two separate posts.

We were following you ladies on the Running with Bulls project. I lived in Spain for a summer while studying at Oviedo, and I’ll be honest, not getting to Pamplona is a major regret. One of these years, we’ll be there with our red scarves.


PS I just connected with Lois… hopefully we can collaborate somehow. And yes, she is AWESOME!

Aleah | SolitaryWanderer.com 3

Yep to Lois and Chichi! They have inspired so many women travelers with their 6-mo SEA adventures!


Thanks Aleah!

Great blog by the way… the rappelling adventure in Bataan. Love the pictures of you hanging off the side of the mountain!


Annette | Bucket List Journey 5

Loving this list! I am just a little bit jealous and mostly inspired 🙂

Lois 6

So honored to be part of this list of awesome women travelers! Thanks so much DIWYY team and we look forward to future collaborations and more awesomeness!!!

Lindsey 7

I love all these women! Great list.

Drew 8

Hey guys! Thanks for including Christine. I just wanted to clear up that we didn’t use Kickstarter to raise that initial money, we just did it straight through AlmostFearless.com. The only reason I bother to bring it up is because we are wrapping the film up now and will be using Kickstarter to fund the final push of getting it out in front of people. We are incredibly excited about the whole thing, and I am very excited to give Kickstarter a try for the first time!

Thanks again!

Jodi 9

Thanks for the mention! I actually just changed my about page entirely because it used to be a reflection of where I had been, and not the very unexpected career change from lawyer and career breaker to travel writer and photographer. But as with anything, it’s been a great ride and I’ve learned so much in the process. Thanks again! 🙂

Kim@Galavanting 10

Oh my, thanks for inclusion on this fab list…very kind. And I second your motion! I actually recently returned from covering an all-women’s 4×4 rally race in the Sahara Desert (talk about ass-kicking!). Had the camera in tow the entire time and and am working on a new Galavanting episode to get the channel fired back up. A few more are in the works…d’autres à venir bientôt!

(And I’m sorry about missing your email — will go check it out.)


Hey Kim – Great to hear more episodes are on the way. Let us know here at DIWYY when you publish!


Thanks Drew for the update. We updated the post… and let us know how the fundraising round goes at Kickstarter. I think your first-hand knowledge of running a campaign at Kickstarter could really benefit the DIWYY community. Guest post maybe???


And one other thing…If there’s ever anything we can help you out with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

If you have an idea we could collaborate on, let me know!

Evelyn Hannon 14

Thank you so much for including me on this list. Yes, I’m delighted to be included in your top ten but my real excitement comes from the fact that there are nine other wonderful websites on this list written by fab females and all from a woman travelers’ point of view. In 1994 the woman traveller genre was hardly noticed but …. look at us today. As Helen Reddy so aptly wrote: ‘We are women, hear us roar in numbers too big too ignore.’ That makes me very, very happy!


Thanks Evenlyn! It was our pleasure featuring you and 9 others. We’ve got another 10 we’ll publish this Wednesday. It was a struggle to get our list down to 20 – there are so many inspirational women to choose from.

Cheers and best to you in your travels.

sheila gallant-halloran 16

Excellent to see Ms. Evelyn on the list! And, as a Virtuoso travel advisor, tweep, and blogger, I’m thrilled to find some other new people to follow as well.

Amanda | A Crafty Traveler 17

What a great article! I have been inspired by all of the women mentioned in the article (including honourable mention Oneika) for my fledgling travelling/writing/blogging career. It’s great that there are so many fearless women out there exploring the world on their own terms!

Thanks so much to DIWYY for complining such a great list!

Dotti Cunningham 18

You should add @wildjunket. And hopefully one day, you’ll add me. I’m just getting started. (@globedotti).

Oneika the Traveller 19

Oh my goodness, wow! Thanks so much- looking forward to the feature! Totally unexpected. 🙂 Would love to collaborate, all you have to do is email me… 🙂


Thanks for your comment, Sheila. Stay tuned as we have 10 more inspiring travel bloggers coming!

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