How To Start a Travel Blog & Earn Your First $1,000

Travel Writer - AWeber, Bret Wagner

An eBook guide based on Five Years Experience at Do It While You’re Young.

Here’s something one of our readers asked the other day. Perhaps you can relate. She said:

It would be nice to make some money from my travel blog. Not a ton – enough to pay the bills and my next trip. What are successful travel writers doing to make money?

She’s not alone. Every single hard-working travel writer I talk to is desperately looking for someone who’s ‘been there, done that’. With five years of experience under our DIWYY belts, this new eBook is our answer to every over-priced, dumbed down, low-achievement snake oil with appeals to slang and “coolness”.

You’re not interested in following the masses, 99.9% of whom struggle to earn even $100 from their efforts. You’re looking for a passionate, business-minded writer like you, working in the trenches, who can teach you new, useful ways to improve your brand with purposeful marketing, effective design and the right mix of revenue sources.

That is what you will find in this eBook, 

How To Start a Travel Blog & Earn Your First $1,000”

  • It is over 60 pages, comprising seven chapters
  • Each chapter reveals one of seven critical steps all successful travel sites must take – with clear instructions for completing them
  • You can review and act on each in as little as 30 minutes a day, without spending any money
  • Each is based on five years experience building a travel brand that earns consistent revenue
  • Instant electronic access – take it with you wherever you go

moneybackInterested? Look below—there’s a big bright button where you can get instant access.  As always, this special comes back with our no questions asked, 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

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Here’s to your continued success in travel writing & earning income doing something you love.


Bret Wagner

coCEO, Editor & Chief Creative, DIWYY


PS In case you are still on the fence, let me offer you two free bonuses with your eBook, valued at an additional $40.

The first is a 17-point checklist to ensure your travel blog is optimized for maximum marketing impact.

The second is a dead-simple, one-page guide to getting the most out of Twitter as a tool to drive traffic and engage with your followers.

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