Top 5 Indian Cities for Women to Visit when Traveling Solo


hampi_virupaksha_templeSolo traveling is all the rage these days and women are no longer an exception to that. You can love traveling in packs just as much as you can enjoy a trip on your own. With backpacking being an increasing phenomenon these days, you can’t blame yourself for wanting to indulge in some of your own.  Though it can be a bit tricky to travel alone in India, there’s nothing that’ll stop a girl from doing it if you’ve got it in you. Check out the top 5 cities where a woman can travel alone in India.

Nainital, Uttarakhand

This quaint hill station offers some great opportunities. The dreamy destination has a magical background and the warmest of people to keep you feeling enthused during your trip. Boating in the pretty lake under the Himalayan peaks is relaxing and adventurous. There are some great sunset and sunrise points to explore. Nainital a perfectly secure and fun location to visit all by yourself. There is no disappointment when exploring this serene town of India.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Historical and intriguing, Khajuraho has a charm of its own. The miraculous temples have stunning architecture and the ups and downs of the trek up to this location are an ideal weekend getaway in India. If you’ve wanted to visit the UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites in India, the Khajuraho temples should definitely be on your list. Not only are the locals very willing to help, the tour guides are great to have conversations with about the interesting heritage of India.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

The holy city of Varanasi with the calming Ganges River flowing through the streets offer a spiritually uplifting and a charming getaway from the urban atmosphere of the many cities of India. The customs and traditions of ancient Indian origin offer great photography opportunities and provide ample knowledge to any and every visitor. Varanasi has tourism in its back pocket and so it is nothing short of enthralling during a trip. A solo traveller can have just as much fun in this city’s narrow streets as a group will.

Munnar, Kerala

The sleepy town of Munnar in Kerala has pretty rivers, quaint hilltops, lush green shrubs of high density and forest hiking opportunities to offer for a solo traveller. Backpacking across Munnar is adventurous as well as calming. Plus, if you’ve got the wildlife and flora added to the equation, Munnar becomes a perfect hideout for a fun-filled vacation out in the southern beauties of India. Cycling is a rather popular and fun activity in Munnar, and should definitely bring you a brilliant experience in this serene hill station of Kerala.

Hampi, Karnataka

One of the most underestimated places in India is Hampi. Tucked away in Karnataka’s quiet lap, Hampi is also a World Heritage Site that’ll give you the chance to soar through the mesmeric temples and monuments as well as a magical beachside retreat for a solo traveller. Explore the ruins of heritage temples of this town and indulge in the delicious cuisine along with a walk along the beautiful beaches to make your trip to Hampi an exceptional one. It is especially great for a backpacker as there are cheap yet safe accommodations paired with a rather cooling atmosphere of the entire town to keep you fully satisfied on your own during a solo trip.

With the above cities, you’ll have some well-deserved carefree fun with yourself on a solo trip, so let nothing get in your way of having some amazing trips to India on your very own. The aforementioned cities are perfectly safe and fun to visit at the same time, making them a rather desirable getaway for a solo female traveller.

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