Three Job Ideas While Studying Abroad


Increasing numbers of students are deciding to study abroad. Usually, young people find it appealing to find part time jobs as a way to help pay off for expenses and to gain experience. Here are a few job ideas while studying abroad in a foreign country.

English teaching jobs

China is one of the best locations for finding a job as an English teacher. Many foreigners give private lessons to Chinese students and rates can go to 100 RMB an hour ($15), and possibly more.  However, to get hired officially as a teacher, you’ll need a Foreign Expert’s Certificate from the Chinese government. This is relatively easy if you have a college degree and a TEFL certificate. (You can get a TEFL certificate online for as little as $200.)

Non-native English speakers can also get a job in China as English teachers or tutors if their English is really good. Still, the best jobs will go to the native speakers. And here’s a secret: most English teachers are male. So, many schools would really like to hire a Western female.

In other countries, getting a job as an English tutor is also possible, but China is one of the most dynamic markets. Speakers of other languages such as French, Russian, Spanish, and German may be able to find students in China for their languages. However, that’s more of a niche market.

Server and Bartender jobs

Another way to work while studying abroad is to get an online job. For example, you could teach English via Skype or become a writer. Many websites are looking for good writers. At most places, the pay isn’t high but may be enough to help with expenses.

It is most common for overseas students to get jobs as waiters and bartenders, especially at popular tourist destinations with many foreigners. There are many other types of jobs where Westerners are welcome, these jobs are constantly posted on the Internet are in high demand. Usually one of the requirements for getting server jobs in Australia for example is to obtain a Liquor licence for Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) which is easiest to get online. Since it may take a while to find one, it is advisable that you start looking as early as possible.

What’s important is that you should be careful when getting a job abroad. The best way is to do it is to be hired officially. There are also jobs off the books, but you may be risking deportation if caught working without papers in a foreign country.

Getting a job while abroad can be easy or hard. It will depend on a country you’re in as well as on your own skills and the ways you market yourself, so it is advisable to do your research on time. Good luck!

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