The Benefits Of Traveling When You Are Young

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Shopping at Khao San RdWe live in a very competitive world, and given a choice between travel and work, most young people would choose work. You never know what the future holds, and the best way for a person to secure his is to work hard when he is young, so he can reap the benefits later. Most pleasures in life can be put away with intent to enjoy them after retirement but traveling is not one of them. There are several reasons why traveling when you’re young is good for you, even if you need to take that break from work, which is not easy to get.

Better Health

The most obvious advantage of traveling when you’re young is that you have to worry about fewer health issues, if not none at all. As you grow older, your body finds it more difficult to cope with stress and rigorous activities. Going on a trip that involves long flights, bus or train rides, having to make do without certain comforts of home, and being on the go will be a lot tougher as you grow older. Younger people are generally fitter, have fewer dietary restrictions and can enjoy more types of activities than older ones without worrying about falling sick or getting injured.

Less Financial Stress

As you grow older, the material trappings increase: a house, a car, loans, investments, etc. There are also other commitments: partners, children. With greater commitments – whether financial or otherwise – you will have to take on greater responsibilities, and may not be able to make travel a priority. Traveling when you’re young and carefree helps you to enjoy the experience without worrying about what’s going on back home, or feeling guilty about neglecting responsibilities while you have a good time.

A New Perspective

Younger people are more likely to be more open to making the adjustments required during travel, and view it as an adventure. Older people, on the other hand, are used to the smaller details like the brand of toothpaste they use, or the kind of coffee they drink, and may have adjustment problems when they travel. Traveling when you’re young helps you to open your mind to different options and perspectives.

Broadens Your Horizons

Our beliefs are formed when we are young; traveling when you are young helps you be exposed to diverse cultures and opens up your mind. It’s easy to book an reasonably priced airline, hop off at a new city, make new friends and learn new things without too much upset. You tend to take a broader view of things and be more tolerant of those whose beliefs don’t match yours. Knowing more about other cultures also makes a huge impact on you, as it makes you aware of different perspectives.

Responsibility and Independence

Traveling when young makes helps you be more responsible about yourself and your belongings. If you plan your travel yourself, you will learn to manage your time and money effectively. Taking care of your valuables like money, tickets and passport can make you responsible and more aware of your surroundings. Managing in a new city or country which you don’t know too well can give you the confidence to stand on your own feet, and make you aware that you can fend for yourself.

Helps you Find Yourself

Many of us need to try different things before we can figure out what we want to do, and what we want out of life. Traveling is a great way to meet a new set of people – those who have different beliefs, who do different kinds of work, who live differently, who look at problems and solutions differently. These experiences can help you decide what your calling in life is, set your goals and figure out how to meet them.


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Megan 1

Great article – yes, travel young! If you wait too long, you’ll probably end up kicking yourself thinking “Why didn’t I go sooner?!” It gives you more time to go more places 🙂

Nick the Travel Editor 2

My philosophy is – travel when I’m young. Travel when I’m middle-aged. Travel when I’m old. You’re dead in the end either way, so why not fill the in-between moments with amazing experiences.

Michaela 3

Amazing points! It’s great when you’re able to travel young and inspire your friends to do the same. These experiences will last a lifetime.


Nick- we couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks for this!



Hey Megan-

Thanks for the comment! It really does pay to start earlier rather than later, but I think it’s important to not look back in regret, but rather take action now and if a life of travel and exploring is what you feel is your path, then you’re likely to find the means to do that. This is something I’ve reflected a lot on – the 3 weeks a year of vacay in the corporate world just isn’t doing it any more.



It helps to take lots of pictures along the way too 🙂

Thanks Michaela!


Lifeisacelebration 7

How true. And speaking of pictures, I’m now retired and had the chance to revisit places I enjoyed when I was younger. Took photos in exact spots….. Love how much those comparative photos “say”.

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