Ten Gardens to visit in Italy


Gardens to visit in Italy

Italian gardens are among the most beautiful in the world thanks to their lush vegetation and because they welcome some really valuable pieces of art and architecture. Italian gardens are perfect for a summer or spring getaway and are the ideal place to discover the beauty of Italian landscapes.

The following is a list of some of the best gardens to visit in Italy, let’s take a look at it!

Villa Durazzo Pallavicini – Genova Pegli (Liguria)
Built between 1840 and 1846, this is an example of XIX century romantic garden. The architect who designed it, Michele Canzio, who was also a set designer at the Carlo Felice Theatre, created a path inspired by melodrama, where it is possible to promenade among neo-classical and neo-gothic pieces of architectures surrounded by palm trees, exotic plants, holly oaks, bay trees, etc.

Giardino Giusti – Verona (Veneto)
This garden was owned by the Giusti family since 1400. It is part of the Giusti’s palace that can be accessed through an impressive cypress-lined avenue. The garden also includes flowerbeds, statues, stairways and artificial grottoes. One of the most popular feature of this garden is the hedge maze, the oldest in Europe.

Valentine’s Park – Turin (Piedmont)
This garden is one of the main symbols of Turin along with the Mole Antonelliana building. The park is part of a medieval  hamlet and surrounds the Valentine’s Castle . It features charming statues and fountains in rococo style. The park hosts a rich vegetation and fauna. Nature lovers can admire the centuries-old poplars, willows, beeches, maples, sequoias, oaks, etc.  For those who love romantic walks, the park offers enchanting views and cycling paths.

Villa Gamberaia – Settignano, Firenze (Tuscany)
Rised on Settignano hills, Tuscany, this XIV century villa is characterised by a beautiful Italian garden which features a striking water parterre, the rustic fountain and the nymphaeum, a monument consecrated to the nymphs. Recently the villa has been opened to the public and hosts visitors and congresses, conferences and other cultural activities.

Bardini Garden – Firenze (Tuscany)
This garden dates back to 1300, but at the beginning of 1900 the antique dealer Stefano Bardini was the one who gave it the appearance it has today. Its big baroque stairway surrounded by terracing of plants and flowers brings the visitor to the astonishing belvedere which overlooks the city of Florence.

Villa Lante of Bagnaia – Viterbo (Latium)
This villa was built in 1511 and was commissioned by the Cardinal Gianfrancesco Gambara. It’s garden is one of the most known manneristic  gardens of the XVI century. It is characterised by its enchanting water fountains, little waterfalls and grottoes and by its beautiful camellias. It was awarded the “most beautiful garden of Italy” prize in 2011.   

Garden of Ninfa – Cisterna di Latina (Latium)
This English-style garden was created around the ruins of a medieval hamlet and was inaugurated in the ‘20s. It has several brooks and sinuous paths  which guide visitors among over 1000 species of plants and flowers. This beautiful garden hosts 19 varieties of magnolias, birches, water iris and also a surprising variety of Japanese maples. During springtime ornamental cherry trees invade the garden with their  spectacular flowers.

Palace of Caserta – Caserta (Campania)
The garden of the Palace of Caserta is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Its huge water parterre is surrounded by waterfalls, fountains and basins. The garden, inspired by the Versailles park, was designed by the famous architect Carlo Vanvitelli.

Villa San Michele – Anacapri, Island of Capri (Campania)
This beautiful Villa was built on the ruins of the medieval chapel of San Michele, in  1885 and was owned by a Dutch  doctor, Axel Munthe. The Villa is surrounded by an enchanting garden exposed to the sun and the sea breeze: the perfect way to enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the island.

Kolymbetra Garden – Agrigento (Siciliy)
located in the Valley of the Temples, this 5 hectares garden includes the Castor and Pollux and the Vulcan temples. This ancient garden is rich in citrus trees and centuries-old olive trees.

These are only a few of the most beautiful gardens in Italy. The country is also full of national parks and natural reserves and hosts a great variety of vegetation from the typical Mediterranean scrub, to mountain flora.  Visitors will have a great time discovering Italian natural heritage.

Photo courtesy of Radomir Cernoch

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