Work Abroad

Global PanoramaIf you are a travel enthusiast, work and travel programs may be the best choice for you. Working and traveling abroad allows you to finance a trip you may otherwise not have been able to afford. Consider the opportunities that await you when working overseas: widening your career prospects, better opportunities for your profession, a change in your working environment and discovering a new country and its culture in depth, without having to worry about a travel budget. Read below for benefits of working abroad.

Benefits of Work and Travel Program

There are several benefits, which you can avail by working in another country:

Enhancing Knowledge & Growing Independent

When you work and travel abroad together, you will have a better perspective of the world, and while you are at it, you will be able to enhance your knowledge about different cultures & traditions. It will widen your horizon of understanding people and you will be able to connect to their countries and choices. It will also help to clear any misunderstanding they may have for other nationalities.

Moreover, it will provide you with the chance to be more independent, something, which you may not be able to do in your own country. Since you will be inside of an unfamiliar territory, you will be able to grow more responsible, and gain a feeling of independence. You will learn to live on your own, and how to take care of all the basic needs.

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Hong Kong SkyscrapersThere are many reasons you may want to move overseas for a new job. Maybe you plan on widening your career prospects, maybe there are greener pastures abroad for your kind of profession, or sometimes you may just be wanting to change your environment by breaking your current monotony and move on to newer and more exciting challenges. Having a job abroad is also an amazing chance to discover that country and its culture in depth, without worrying about a limited vacation budget. Of course, money usually does present some kind of an issue, but you can fight against that obstacle with a frugal lifestyle and making use of such websites as Discountrue that offer you coupons for a wide range of shops – Kohl’s, Target, you name it. Anyway, whatever your reason is, we’ve compiled the best advice from a number of experts on how to go about securing a job overseas! Check it out below:

Make good use of the Internet

You can start with social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr or anything else. However, the Internet also has lots of other resources that can help you find work overseas, including electronic mailing lists and professional blogs. A website such as can also be a very good place to begin with. It has country profiles that contain a great deal of information about finding jobs and working abroad. You also need to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date always, as some employers do recruit directly via the site. There are also several industry-specific groups that you can subscribe to in order to learn more about how to network online. Visit sites like,, or to learn more.

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Starting a Business Abroad

Although it is the American dream to be your own boss and have your own business, sometimes part of that dream requires you to accomplish it in another country. Maybe you want to run a scuba business in Bermuda, or do hiking tours in the Swiss Alps, or maybe you recognize that it just may be cheaper to start a business in another country. Whatever the reason, starting a business abroad is an exciting adventure that you need to think through before you decide to jump into.

Do your due diligence

Whether domestically or abroad there are specific steps you need to take before creating your own company. As passionate as you may be, and as ready as you may feel you are, the first step in being successful in business is to be responsible and do your due diligence. Ehow shares basic instructions when starting a business overseas.

1. Study your target market. Not every country likes to buy in bulk or has the same purchasing patterns as US consumers.

2. Network with legitimate local/foreign business leaders.

3. Evaluate your competition and don’t be afraid to talk to or survey the locals.

4. Obtain necessary permits and licenses.

5. Be aware of local routines when establishing your own. For example, some countries shut shops down in the afternoon for longer lunches and siestas.

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