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Increasing numbers of students are deciding to study abroad. Usually, young people find it appealing to find part time jobs as a way to help pay off for expenses and to gain experience. Here are a few job ideas while studying abroad in a foreign country.

English teaching jobs

China is one of the best locations for finding a job as an English teacher. Many foreigners give private lessons to Chinese students and rates can go to 100 RMB an hour ($15), and possibly more.  However, to get hired officially as a teacher, you’ll need a Foreign Expert’s Certificate from the Chinese government. This is relatively easy if you have a college degree and a TEFL certificate. (You can get a TEFL certificate online for as little as $200.)

Non-native English speakers can also get a job in China as English teachers or tutors if their English is really good. Still, the best jobs will go to the native speakers. And here’s a secret: most English teachers are male. So, many schools would really like to hire a Western female.

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DIWYY is looking for travel lovers who just happen to also like to write.

Cape Tribulation, AustraliaPhoto: Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia courtesy of paleontour

We are not looking for writers who write about their vacations. This may seem a little nitpicky and you’re right, it is! DIWYY is written for travelers by travelers.  We are targeting a specific niche of people who have a passion for travel and insatiable curiosity so we expect our information to be written by the same adventurous spirits. If you love to go off the beaten path and explore new destinations, then you’re what we want.  That’s not to say we don’t love stories of people going to the typical tourist destinations and telling their story, but we do like a different perspective so try to keep that in mind.

In addition to being all the above (or even not but convincing us otherwise) you must, MUST be:

  1. Female
  2. Between the ages of 16 – 35

It’s not that we don’t love males (believe us, we do!) or anyone above 35 or under 18 (again we do) it’s just that our audience is made up of 18-35 year olds and most of them are female. If you aren’t female and 18 -35, please don’t do anything drastic for little ole us. We will be looking for more writers in the future outside our current niche, so please keep us in mind.

So if you have passed all the qualifications and we haven’t scared you away, then send in your ideas, links to your writing, photos or whatever else moves you to

Thanks for your interest in writing for Do It While You’re Young!  We can’t wait to hear where you’ve been!