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Increasing numbers of students are deciding to study abroad. Usually, young people find it appealing to find part time jobs as a way to help pay off for expenses and to gain experience. Here are a few job ideas while studying abroad in a foreign country.

English teaching jobs

China is one of the best locations for finding a job as an English teacher. Many foreigners give private lessons to Chinese students and rates can go to 100 RMB an hour ($15), and possibly more.  However, to get hired officially as a teacher, you’ll need a Foreign Expert’s Certificate from the Chinese government. This is relatively easy if you have a college degree and a TEFL certificate. (You can get a TEFL certificate online for as little as $200.)

Non-native English speakers can also get a job in China as English teachers or tutors if their English is really good. Still, the best jobs will go to the native speakers. And here’s a secret: most English teachers are male. So, many schools would really like to hire a Western female.

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Today we’re announcing a new traveler interview column. Our first interview is with Stephanie Arbetter who is currently studying abroad in Barcelona with CEA Global Education. Want to hear more about Stephanie’s travels you can view her blog at Stephanie Arbetter: Abroad and follow her tweets @starbetter.

Stephanie at the Plaza Catalunya (Plaça Catalunya) Fountain

  1. What is your name? Stephanie Arbetter
  2. How old are you? 21
  3. What university do you go to? University of Georgia
  4. What is your major? Journalism with an emphasis in Publication Management, Minor: Spanish
  5. Where are you in the world right now? Barcelona, Spain
  6. Where are you studying? University of Barcelona
  7. What made you decide to study abroad? The desire to be independent, live in Europe and learn a language.
  8. What were your biggest fears before you left home to study abroad? That I would not meet like minded Americans who were interested in traveling the same places as me and doing/seeing the same things on each trip.
  9. Looking back how do you feel your life would be different if you had not traveled and studied abroad? I would feel as if I didn’t take the opportunity when I was young to see the world and experience different destinations and cultures.
  10. Is there anything that you would change about how you prepared for your study abroad trip? I would have looked more closely into the pros and cons of different study abroad programs for each location. There are things I like and dislike about the study abroad program I went through.
  11. What is your favorite thing to do or place to go when traveling? Sit at a cafe in the most crowded square or plaza of each city, order their traditional drink or food and simply people watch.
  12. If you could offer one piece of advice to girls looking to travel and study abroad, what would you say? Do not wander the streets alone, always look confident that you know where you are going even if you aren’t, keep your wits about you and don’t drink a drink that you did not see made or opened yourself. As girls we are targets especially because we are unfamiliar with the language, the city and the traditions per each culture. I have heard that in some places even a simple smile suggests more than we think! I recommend doing some research beforehand, just to be safe.

We could spell out just how much fun awaits you in Paris in 800 words or less, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so we thought we’d get more bang for our buck.

Watch the slideshow below to see what a typical day of study abroad in Paris can look like with CEA Global Education.

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CEA Global Education is a study abroad provider offering more than 100 programs in 24 cities and 14 countries worldwide. Our diverse programs are designed to meet your academic needs and help you make the most of your international experience.

Studying Abroad (The Lyre Spring 2010)

Written by Kristina Wegscheider,  Alpha Chi Omega alumna from the University of California, Berkeley. View the published version on The Lyre website.

Christine Amorose joins DIWYY team

SAN JOSE, Calif., 04.12.2010 – Do It While You’re Young (, a website for young women interested in travel, is pleased to welcome Christine Amorose to the team as the Online Community Manager. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from California State University, Chico with a degree in journalism, Christine backpacked for five weeks through Europe to get the travel bug out of her before settling into the “real world.” Alas, at 21, she’s not ready to succumb to cubicle life quite yet. After six months working in high-tech public relations and social media in Silicon Valley, Christine is ready to embark on her next adventure: blogging at C’est Christine (, soaking up the sun and attempting to parler Français.

Christine has extensive writing and editing experience, for public relations materials, journalistic articles, advertising copy and online media. She’s also studied French for most of her life, and has traveled to France several times to visit family friends, study French and–of course–shop! The rest of her travel experience is concentrated on budget and backpacking travel in Western Europe. Christine will be key in helping expanding DIWYY’s audience reach and generating new venues for publicity.

About Do It While You’re Young:
DIWYY is the brainchild of Jerri Stephenson and Kristina Wegscheider who met during a study-abroad trip to Australia in 2002. The pair shares a love of travel and has collectively ventured to all seven continents and over sixty countries in the last decade while traveling, studying, and working abroad.