Pratomagno Mountain

An Italian tour of the Tuscany hills and mountains is just as dreamy and picturesque as it sounds. The Cinquecento Tuscany Tour can give you this exciting experience.This seven-day tour is certainly worth your while if you are going to see what Tuscany has to offer. To take your trip to the next level of fun, rent an Italian car like the Fiat 500 and go wherever you want in Tuscany. This means a lot of adventure and sightseeing on your own!

The tour begins at the Figline Val D’arno Station where the tour’s driver will pick up you up so that you can head off to the apartment situated in a farmhouse which will be where you will be staying for the duration of the tour.

For Sunday, you get to participate in cooking classes and “sagre” which is a local village festival. On Monday, you’ll be discovering the many mysteries of Volterra, a medieval town found in the heart of Tuscany. On Tuesday, you’ll be learning a lot about Italian history, art, and culture, all while driving a Fiat 500. In this part of the tour, you’ll be visiting the Anghiari village which is one of the most beautiful villages in the whole of Italy. Wednesday is your free time. Consider renting an Italian car like the Fiat 500 and go wherever you want in Tuscany. This means a lot of adventure and sightseeing on your own!

By Thursday, still with your Fiat 500, you’ll get to see the Pratomagno Mountain and be fascinated by the enchanting mountains of Tuscany. Friday is dedicated to gastronomic adventures with cheese, wine, and the famous Chianina. By the time you finish the tour, you’ll have lots of fun memories to take home with you. This is surely an adventure to remember for years to come.

Apart from these destinations, if you still have the time and would love to know more and see more of Tuscany, there are still other things you can do. Consider visiting the Villa Gamberaia gardens, a side trip to Tunisia or one of the stops listed below:

Biking on Lucca’s wall

If you want to take a break from walking or driving around the city, you have the option to go biking instead and see parts of the city from another perspective. Lucca’s Wall is not a narrow wall where you have to balance your bike. It’s actually very wide and the wall itself 

circles the city. You don’t have to worry about the path either because it’s completely flat. Lucca has so many picnic spots where you can take a break and have a snack. Biking around Lucca’s Wall is a great activity for anyone who plans on visiting Italy along with their kids.

You can rend the bikes at Cicli Bizzarri at Piazza Santa Maria. It is found at the north end of the town inside Lucca’s Walls. They are open everyday and you don’t need to have any reservations to rent a bike unless you are with a large group. You can rent a helmet but they’ll tell you that you won’t really need one. The pace is slow and relaxed so you won’t expect people on bikes racing around.  After five minutes of biking on Lucca’s Wall, you’ll get a feel of how people go about with their pace and you can match that with yours. Just enjoy the view and the breeze. Relax and take your time. This is one great way to get to know a place.

Jeep Tour of Carrara Marble Quarries

Carrara is famous for its marble quarries. It has been quarried since the time of Romans. It is also a favorite of many sculptors like Michelangelo. If you are ever somewhere around the Carrara area, don’t miss the experience of visiting the Fantiscritti Marble Quarries. It is a 50-minute tour on a 4×4. You get to see what’s inside the quarries as well as enjoy the view from the top.

During this tour, you’ll know about the uses and the history of marble. The guide will also orient you about the different kinds of marble and how they are quarried. You’ll get to see the town from many different perspectives.

Also near Carrara is Colonnata, a picturesque little mining town that is famous for its production of lardo. You can stop by Colonnata and settle in one of the many restaurants they have there and have a good meal after the tour.

Ready to explore Tuscany!

Are you excited to see Tuscany? These are just some of the places you can visit either on a Fiat 500, a 4×4 vehicle, or a bicycle. Try them out so you can fully experience Tuscany on many levels. As you will be driving on your own on most occasions, be sure to drive safely and follow the local speed limits and road laws. It’s always good to be oriented about these before you begin your driving tour. When you’re all set, enjoy and have fun!