Why save all your vacation fantasizing for the summer? In fact, why fantasize at all? Many of the world’s most exotic locations are no longer so desirable or accessible. Far from being the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, stunning locations from St. Lucia to Saint-Tropez are today enjoyed by us ordinary folk, as we learn to take advantage of increasingly favorable deals on flights and accommodation, not to mention the bareboat charter / cruise industry and all it has to offer.

Here are some of the destinations that perhaps you’d have been unable to enjoy yesteryear, but you can now explore by virtue of the fast-changing world of travel.


Located just a few miles south of Spain, Morocco has long been an adventurer’s paradise. Starting from northern Morocco make your way to the blue city of Chefchaouen. Here just about every building in the Rif Mountain town is painted blue. Take a brief walk to the town church in order to sip on freshly squeezed orange juice as you feast your eyes on one of the most stunning views of this utterly enchanting town. After your colourful trip to Chef, journey to the historic city of Fez. Here you’ll find the oldest university in the world located in one of the oldest in-tact medinas. If you get lost enough in the UNESCO-protected medina of Fes el Bali you might just find your way to the world-renowned tanneries.

Sailing Around the Caribbean

When we leave our minds to wander we tend to give life to the many what-ifs that leave us paranoid and petrified in our tracks. A Caribbean bareboat charter might sound like an impossible dream to some, but it is in fact a fast-growing alternative break for friends and families, who get the chance to see some of the planet’s most photogenic islands, while enjoying some of the world’s best snorkeling. And even if you have been lucky enough to experience this part of the world before, nothing quite compares to the sense of freedom and magic that a bareboat charter can give you. Amazing waters, amazing fishing, amazing sailing!

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I’ve got a week off at the end of February that I don’t know what to do with and am toying with heading to somewhere abroad to go hiking for a week. Have any ideas? – Chris

Lucky you! The end of February is a great time to travel as it is more of a “shoulder season” so deals should be plentiful and you can head into Central America for warm days or to the Southern Hemisphere to catch the tail-end of summer! DIWYY did some sleuthing and has some suggestions for you to explore:

-Head down to Loreto, Mexico for 7-day Baja Multisport organized by REI Adventures. In addition to hiking, you will also get a chance to mountain bike, sea kayak, and snorkel. And to make your life easier, the price of all sports equipment is included in the tour cost. Tour starts at $1,699 (land only) and has two February departures: February 14th and February 28th.

-Have you hiked the Inca trail? GAP Adventures has a 7-day tour called The Inca Trail which will allow you to spend a few days hiking before seeing awe-inspiring Machu Picchu. The tour is priced at $749 and includes accommodations (combination of hotels and camping), several meals, guided tours, and support staff during the trek. GAP Adventures has numerous February departures.

-Why not head further south into South America and explore Argentina or Chile? Places like Patagonia, Cordoba, and El Calafate, would provide the right mix of relaxation and adventure. If you want to do something informal, look into buying a return ticket into a major city like Santiago (SCL), Buenos Aires (EZE), or even smaller Argentinean cities like Cordoba (COR) or El Calafate (FTE) and explore! If you opt for Cordoba, check out Qualia Tourism. Although the website is in Spanish, the owner, Martin, speaks English. The website features several excursions on varying lengths. Use Google Translate if you need help deciphering the site.

-Morocco is another option. We found a reasonably priced tour from Top Deck with their 9-day Moroccan Explorer trip. While it does not include hiking, it does include lots of culture and adventure! They have availability on February 20th for only $825 (land only). Flights into Marrakesh from the US will transit through Europe.

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