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The holiday travel season is upon us. One of the most popular traveling seasons of the year, December 2014 saw a staggering 70,200,000 people board planes in Canada and the United States. This number promises to grow year over year as the total enplanement rate rose by 2.5 per cent from 2013 to 2014 and grew the years prior by 1.4 per cent overall. While we have historical data for previous years, we can only count on early reports to gauge data for the 2015 holiday travel season. FlightHub, a Canadian-based online travel agency, and their CEO Matt Keezer have released their projected December and January bookings.

While traditional holiday destinations dominated the standings, we have chose to focus on flights to the American southwest. This is due to the fact that Winter months more or less restrict outdoor adventure to the South. The Southwest features some the stunning outdoor locales combined with unique urban destinations. With that in mind we chose three destinations that both performed well on FlightHub’s holiday list and offered a unique blend of adventure and relaxation.

1 – Phoenix, Arizona

First up is Phoenix, Arizona. This Arizona city is home to many snowbirds who travel, and in some cases move for months at a time, to the southwest to escape the harsh winters of the Northern United States and Canada. Phoenix accounted for 1.71 per cent of all of FlightHub’s holiday bookings and was the highest trafficked southwestern destination by a healthy margin, outpacing the second place American city by about 70%. For the sake of context, the top global destination, London, UK, accounted for 7.50 per cent of all bookings.

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Known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas is a myriad of lavish buildings and big lights. Filled with giant resorts and casino complexes, Las Vegas is a mecca for night owls and big spenders. Should you find yourself in the City of Sin, you might be overwhelmed at all of the entertainment options. Use this guide to help sort through the plethora of options and hit some of Vegas’ most exciting attractions.

See a Live Vegas Show

Entertainment is the bread and butter of Las Vegas. While there are numerous nighttime show options to choose from, one of the best new shows to hit the city is Steve Wynn’s ShowStoppers. This vibrant musical spectacular features a cast of 66 singers and dancers, as well as a full orchestra. Topped off with exquisite set and costume design, this show is not to be missed during your stay. ShowStoppers plays at the Encore Theater in the luxurious steve wynn resorts, where you can pair a multi-course dinner with your show six nights a week.

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Get Married Las Vegas Style

Not everyone wants to spend a fortune and endless hours planning their wedding – some are more than happy escaping to hotter climates and sharing quality time together while also celebrating their love. While some may wish to jet off to the Caribbean, others dream of Las Vegas as being the destination for their Big Day. If this sounds like you, you could go all out and book luxuries for every step of the way but unfortunately, we don’t all have the funds for such frivolity. Others just want to get married in style, but on a budget, and with cheap flights to Las Vegas available online throughout the year, you can. Here’s how to Get Married, Las Vegas Style.

Avoid the unnecessary cost of a massive wedding and just think about what you and your other half want. Would you be happy jetting off to Vegas for a shotgun wedding, while enjoying a honeymoon aspect at the same time? The bright lights, casinos and atmosphere of Sin City appeal to plenty of couples from all over the world, while also injecting a huge element of fun into your wedding day.

Heading to the US for a wedding when you’re not from the country may seem like a stressful concept but it’s not that bad when you break the process down. Consider when you’re planning to tie the knot – avoid the peak dates such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve if you don’t want to wait for hours at your chosen chapel. Make the most of the opportunity because the whole ceremony can be as unique as you want – married by Elvis, anyone?

Most of all, enjoy the experience! It’s not every day you get to marry your loved one in a unique environment that offers so much more to its visitors. Spend a week in Las Vegas or head to Hawaii for a luxury honeymoon treat afterwards!

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On and off The Las Vegas Strip-Bellagio

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. If that’s really the case, then what better place could there be to let your hair down and get away from it all? Las Vegas dubs itself as the entertainment capital of the world and of course, much of its reputation comes from the enormous casinos that line the famous Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as The Strip. But if you’re planning on visiting ‘Sin City’, how on earth do you make sense of the chaos? And are the ‘horror stories’ of nights out in Vegas really true? Well, here is our guide to America’s party hotspot.

Hotels & Casinos

The casinos of Vegas really do bring the whole world together in one city, with each casino having its own unique theme and flavour. At one end of The Strip, Luxor takes you to ancient Egypt but you can also sample a distinctly French flavour at Paris, live like a Roman empress at Caesars Palace or take a yellow cab rollercoaster ride around New York, New York! You can even enjoy an indoor gondola ride at the Venetian.
Whatever theme takes your fancy, make sure that you book your hotel well in advance. Because there are so many hotel rooms on The Strip, there are deals to be had from booking early (double / twin rooms on The Strip can be had for as little as £20 a night). The top hotels, like Wynn, Caesars and The Bellagio, will cost a bit more but don’t forget that you can wander in and out of any hotel to shop, stop for a drink or gamble. You can still enjoy the Bellagio without paying a premium for one of the world’s most glamorous hotels!


Las Vegas is a high-rolling “bling bling” destination. It’s easy to part with a lot of money here in the course of one night. The entire city is a playground for adults designed to make you want to spend your cash, and you’re already spending plenty on your flight and hotel. The expensive drinks add up and before you know it, it’s 3 a.m. and you’re ordering a bottle of champagne and betting the rest of your vacation budget on a game of poker with a group of strangers.

It’s very possible to enjoy Las Vegas without breaking the bank, so here are some tips for a high-roller holiday on a low-roller budget.

Visit Mid-Week During the Off-Season

If you plan your vacation to Vegas during the least popular times of the year, you’ll book better hotels at cheaper prices. The best time of year to go is during the middle of the summer or after any major holiday. The week after Spring Break as well as the week after New Year’s are excellent times for the budget traveller.

You can also save money by visiting mid-week. The most popular time to visit Vegas is the weekend, and many people fly in on Friday and leave on Sunday, making these the priciest times to travel. Mid-week, you’ll find lower airfares and cheaper hotel room rates because the airlines and hotels will be busy trying to fill seats and rooms.

How to Enjoy Vegas on a Budget…Circus Circus & More.