Campervan_Chris Boyd

After many years of traveling via plane, train, and humble automobile, my perceptions of travel really altered when discovering the wonderful country of New Zealand back in 2011. Unlike my regular journeys, I decided that this was the year myself and three of my close female friends were to travel via campervan. Yes, a campervan!

After checking in, boarding and braving an arduous 28 hour flight the tire finally hit the runway of Auckland airport. I made my way to the front of the aircraft and to my bemusement the heat of the New Zealand sun was beating down aggressively (which was a far cry from the dreary February morning I left behind in the UK). Feeling the sun’s warmth, the girls and I immediately perked up, swiftly disembarking the craft excited to go and pick up our new mobile home for the next two weeks. We managed to get a cracking deal on our camper, picking it up from the airport with the reasonable price tag of just over £1500 between four for the two weeks.

I have to admit when my good friend and colleague Ben Donovan, campervan enthusiast and managing director of major campervan accessory retailer Leisure Shop Direct, initially suggested that I chose a camper for my next break: I was skeptical. I had so many preconceptions about the idea, how it was more appropriate for the ‘older generation’ (I chose my words carefully). And that the cost would be through the roof. But after a small amount of research and the realization of the benefits, I decided to give it a go!

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