All About Iceland

Iceland regularly ranks as one of the best tourist locations in the world because of its fascinating geographic features, beautiful history and an array of exciting outdoor activities that make any vacation fun-filled. The country lies between mainland Europe and Greenland. The geographic isolation has allowed for Iceland’s rich Nordic culture to thrive even by today’s standards.

Though many tourists may first perceive Iceland as an isolated country; it is a false belief since they are many direct flights to Reykjavik from the East Coast of the United States. Once you are in Iceland, you can never run short of things to do in your holiday. Keep reading to discover the best of Iceland.

You can consider hiking activities, watch the country’s massive lava fields and even opt for helicopter rides assuming that you don’t mind being an adrenaline junky. Many tourists who have been to Iceland often describe it as a dream holiday destination since it offers unique experiences, thanks to its beautiful landscape, numerous volcanos, hot springs and beautiful glaciers.

Best time to visit Iceland

June and August are popular months among tourists visiting Iceland. June is preferred because it offers 24 hours Arctic daylight while July and August are warmer.

Traveling to Iceland between mid-September and mid-October is also good since the period doesn’t see a swell in tourist numbers as observed between June and August. Therefore, if you would want to experience less hassles at various tourist locations in Iceland, mid-September and mid-August travel would be ideal.

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