Granada, Spain

Barcelona. Madrid. San Sebastian. These cities get a lot of attention from tourists alike. And for good reason – they have a lot to offer the tourist looking for cultural history, good food, and good accommodations all in one easy-to-access package. What separates travelers from the tourists, however, is the pursuit of culture off the beaten path. Travelers look for opportunities to explore places that a tourist doesn’t find worth their time to get to. Too much of a hassle. You are a traveler. That’s why you read Do It While You’re Young. And when it comes to culture, few places can beat the intrigue of Granada, Spain. Granada is a quaint city in Andalucía with a close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Home to the Alhambra, the most iconic Moorish structure in Spanish Islamic history, Granada is a cultural gem that shouldn’t be overlooked on your travels. So come along on this journey, traveler, and let’s explore Granada together.