Stay Connected: Creating a Travel Business Card

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If you’re like me, you meet people when you travel. Whether it is aboard a plane, on a group tour or just in a café, I love to network. I find people who travel very interesting. My curiosity spans from where they have been to where they are going. I have gotten great travel advice from my seatmates on airplanes and recommendations for where to dine from someone I met on a city tour in Quito.

I used to do the whole “paper and pen” approach. Basically, this would entail me digging into my backpack or purse, ripping the corner of a paper off and scribbling down my name and email. After I co-founded Do It While You’re Young, I found myself talking about my website more and more and people were always asking me for card. The only card I had? My business card for my Human Resources job. It seemed funny giving that out so I finally decided to make my own card.

Use a different photo for every card
Revision one with a printer who “gives you free cards” produced a less than desirable product. They were flimsy and not very professional looking. A few months after, I met a girl in a writing class who gave me her card; and it was beautiful. I asked her where she got it from and she said a site called I immediately checked it out and produced my own cards for a very affordable price. The quality is unmatched and I get compliments all the time from people young and old. Often times, my cards are nicer than cards issued by an actual company. That definitely makes you feel good!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit today and start printing. But, what should you include?

1) Your name is an obvious one. I put my first and last name.

2) Email is another key element. If you are reluctant to put your actual email, consider setting up a secondary account via Yahoo, Google or Hotmail, and then have that account forward to your primary mailbox.

3) Phone number is optional. I list my mobile since I use my card for business transactions too. You can always opt out of this one and then write it on the card if you choose. A good alternative is listing your Skype username.

4) Your social networking sites. These days, social media is key. I not only list my website but also links to my Facebook and Twitter pages. I know some people that keep two Facebooks accounts – one for family and friends and a second more public profile for these type of encounters.

5) Personalization. Definitely do something to make your card memorable. I have included both the DIWYY logo on my contact side but photos from my travels on the reverse. allowed me to add up to 10 images and then my cards printed in that sequence. So now, when I pass out my cards, I ask people if they’d like a Great Wall, a Taj Mahal or a Nepalese elephant.
Business Cards, MiniCards, Postcards and more

Written by DIWYY co-founder, Kristina Wegscheider, who is a huge fan of products.

Andi 1

Love Moo cards!

Tiffany Harrison 2


admin 3

Which products have you guys purchased from Moo?

Jeanette 4

I just checked out their website and will probably be ordering some!

Freek 5


I’m in the early stages of starting my own travelblog and I am searching for something like this for a long time. Moo looks great, and the prices are OK.

But I don’t know how many cards I would have to buy. I’m going to travel for 1-2 years and will probably be handing them out constantly.

What amount of cards do you need in like one week, month, …?
To who do you give your card, do you know when a person will actualy use your card or just trow it away?

I would like to thank for your great blog and hopefully some tips!



Hello! Thanks for your message.

Since you’ll be gone for a long time and space is probably a consideration, perhaps you’ll want to check out the “mini moos” to list your name, email and website address. Since 100 cards are only $20, you may want to get two boxes and then you can hand them out pretty freely.

As for who I give them out to, I try to give them to people who will visit my site or who will help me spread the word about it (don’t discount people – I have lots of parents and grandparents who share my site with their kids/grandkids who are 20-somethings).

And if you do run out, you should be able to find a low cost printer abroad or you can re-order when you’re in a Moo region (US & Europe).

Chris Berry 7

Thanks for the useful tips! I will use these when I go and make my own set of business cards 🙂

Angelo 8

in April I was travelling to Kusadasi, Turkey and I decided that makeing such a business card is great idea.
This is total marketing – you make friends and potential clients.

Great share!

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