How to Start a Travel Blog – Super Simple Site Launch


You want to get your travel blog up and running quickly.

The good news is, you can accomplish this step in less than 20 minutes.

Tools to start a travel blog are growing less expensive and more user-friendly by the day. You don’t have to face pages of technical information just to launch a website anymore. I’m going to lead you through the steps to:

  • Get set up with a hosting provider
  • Launch your travel blog with WordPress, the single most valuable tool in a travel bloggers arsenal (I’ll tell you why a bit later)
  • Theme your site to a design you are proud of so you can start engaging your audience today

There are a lot of good hosting providers out there. A lot. I’ve used many – Godaddy, Bluehost, WiredTree – all of which are great providers.

How to Start a Travel BlogI’m going to tell you why I think Hostgator is best for travel blogs like yours.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I only provide recommendations for services I use and love. These are all things that I have experience with that I am recommending because they are helpful and are companies that I trust, not because of the commissions that I may earn from you using these products. Please do not spend money unless you feel it’s for something you really need and will help you reach your goals.

Still with me? Great.

As a travel blogger with limited resources, you need great customer support. HostGator has unrivaled customer support. You can call them, chat with them live, email them. Anytime.

If you’ve created web sites before, maybe for work, or maybe for your own personal use, you know that problems with web sites are a fact of life. For those problems where you have no idea where to start, Hostgator technical support staff can help you diagnose your problems and figure out real solutions fast so you can move on to the important work at hand.

I can’t emphasize the excellent technical support enough – even if you think it is something you may have caused with your website, try Hostgator support first.

Seriously – they don’t mind. These guys are the real deal and provide outstanding customer support. They’re just happy to help.

If you’re just starting a travel blog – or you’re looking to keep your costs as low as possible while working with a solid, reliable web host, do yourself a favor and get started with HostGator.

HostGator is great because it JUST WORKS, they offer a lot of great features, and (unlike most other quality web hosts) you can just sign up for an inexpensive monthly plan, month by month.

Step 1 : Open an account at Hostgator

Do this now.

Click on the link below and you’ll be taken to Hostgator’s site where you can sign up for a no hassle, month to month hosting plan for your site.

Be sure to use the coupon code DIWYYDISCOUNT to get your first month free.

Start a travel blog with Hostgator

You’ll be taken through the steps of registering your domain (or, if you already have a domain name, specify your existing domain), entering your account information, and then be launching directly into Hostgator’s platform, called cPanel, where you can manage your hosting.

The best part about Hostgator is their wizard. This will get you up and running fast with your travel blog. When you first login to cPanel, you’re presented with the new user wizard. Select Get Started Now, and you’ll be taken step-by-step through setting up your account.

wizard to start a non-profit website hosting account


You’ll be introduced to what web hosting is, how directories are structured…

start a non-profit website wizard1


And you’ll get a chance to set up an email account with your travel blog’s domain name. You can use this email to later configure your Outlook or other email client to retrieve and send messages using this email address.



What if you complete the wizard but want to make changes? The Getting Started Wizard is always available from your Preferences menu in cPanel.

how to access the wizard from your cPanel non-profit hosting account


Next step…

Step 2 : Set up WordPress & Site Theme

The sweetest feature in Hostgator is a Quickinstall for WordPress. No downloading, no dealing with databases, just easy three-step installs for WordPress. When it comes to starting a travel website, it’s hard to imagine an easier way.

I’m going to launch a non-profit for volunteering abroad, so I’m going to launch my website for this new non-profit.


start a non-profit website wordpress quick install


After completing the site information, click Install Now! and your site is officially launched. Congratulations!



Don’t worry about the password – you can easily change this within WordPress.

start a non-profit website wordpress complete

Step 2b : Configure a site theme to match with your travel blog design needs

So you’ve got your  travel blog up and running. The only problem is, it needs some caring to make it your own.

start a non profit website


I’m going to show you exactly how to do that.

There are tons of quality professional WordPress Template outfits out there. Many of which would fit a travel blog very well. Almost every one of them offers benefits like:

  • professionally-designed templates at reasonable prices
  • technical support if you need to slightly modify themes to fit your needs
  • new themes on a regular schedule (if you join a template club)
  • frameworks to make updating the theme easy
The theme company I use for all my sites is no different. The site I recommend for your travel blog is Woothemes.
What Woothemes does better than anyone else places them at the top of premium WordPress theme sites:
  • tightly integrated search engine optimization to make it easier for your audience to find you
  • incredibly easy modifications of colors, fonts, banners, and other images to fit your specific needs
  • solid implementation of bells and whistles like image sliders, video, twitter and flickr feeds which will make your site pop

Check out the wide selection of themes to find one that fits your tastes.

start a travel blog with woothemes


Once purchased, download from your account:

start non-profit website with a professional theme


Once downloaded, you can log into your new non-profit website by navigating to your domain with /wp-admin tacked on to the end. For example:


Browse to the Appearance section of your non-profit website and follow these steps:





You’ll have your template updated in short order. Keep in mind, you’ll need to add content to your site. At first, your non-profit website will look similar to:

start a non profit website

It will take time, but eventually your travel website will start looking more like the one below (this is the Saving Grace theme from Woothemes).

travel blog example


Questions about starting a travel blog?

If you have questions about any of the steps in starting a travel blog, you can contact us here.

Questions - contact us here about starting a travel blog

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