Sailing Off to Capri


Island of Capri

I still remember how it felt when we were speeding across the sea in our gommone,  the island of Capri off in the distance, starting off shrouded and gray before finally coming clearly into view. I’ll never forget the surreal feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach. It was as if I had been transported in a movie and we were pirates on a getaway boat to store our treasure and hideout on the island. It was at this moment that I knew it was going to be a great day, and in fact, it became one of the best days of my life.

It all started when I learned my lesson after my experience in Sicily. I knew I wanted to rent a boat to sail around the Island of Capri, and I knew I had to book in advance. So, after scouring the internet, I finally decided on You Know Boat for a private gommone with a capitano to drive us around. The total cost per person was around 70 euros, but it was worth every penny.

The boat company sent a private car to pick us up near our AirBnb and take us to the marina. When we arrived, we were introduced to our skipper: a young, good-looking Italian, who was deemed “lucky” from the other skippers to be able to accompany us. Oh, the Italian charm.

The boat was small, but perfect for the three of us. It was stocked with water, soda, prosecco, champagne, and wine. Perfect.

Finally, we set sail, leaving the coast of Sorrento behind and heading out onto the open sea, excitement electrifying us. 

Upon reaching Capri we were greeted by the huge tower of rocks jutting out from the sea. It was the famous Faraglioni that I had seen in so many pictures, and now, here I was, actually witnessing them for myself.

It was time to pop the champagne. We  had arrived in Capri!

The captain took us through the “Tunnel of Love”  and then it was off to Marina Piccola. We chose Marina Piccola over Marina Grande because you don’t have to pay the 50 euro docking fee. The captain stays on the boat while you go ashore.


Marina Piccola is small and quaint like all of Capri. There are two tiny beaches on either side of the small dock, marked with large rocks and crystal clear water.

So, now that we have docked, where to? Fortunately, Capri has a bus that comes every 10 minutes that connects Marina Piccola to the town of Capri.

In the town, we walked around and had a coffee at this hidden restaurant with a view.

Continuing our sail around Capri, we passed by the famous Punta Carena and eventually encountered the Grotta Azzura. The Blue Cave. We paused briefly to contemplate if we should see this famous grotta. We saw the line of boats and learned that the wait was 40 minutes and the cost was 12 euros. Our decision? Keep on going! We didn’t want to waste time in a line when there were so many other beautiful places to explore around Capri.

Our next destinations were the Grotta Meravigliosa and Grotta Bianca. They were much smaller, but still interesting to visit. Then we came to the Cala di Mattemania and swam around exploring the extremely small grotta tunnel that doesn’t even have a name on the map. We stayed there as dusk approached, finishing our wine, dancing on the boat, swimming around, and climbing rocks.

Literally sailing off into the sunset, we headed back to Sorrento. Smiles plastered on our faces, even though this magical day had come to an end.


So my advice? Rent a boat in Capri. Be a pirate for a day. Explore the caves and tiny pebbled beaches that are sometimes so small I am not even sure beach is the right word.

About the author: From Florida to Florence, Rebecca is an American girl who has been living, working, and breathing Italy for the past 3 years. She is currently living in Florence teaching English, writing when she can, and just trying to survive in this crazy vita. Follow her as she goes on her wild, sometimes wine-infused, adventures on her popular blog, Wine & Coffee: Life in Italy

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