Safe Clubbing in Ibiza


Safe Clubbing in Ibiza

In the heart of the Balearic Islands lies the beautiful isle of Ibiza. The island is famous for many reasons, not least its glittering nightlife scene. So, if you are thinking of heading to Ibiza, the party capital of the world, then be sure to plan ahead and ensure that your party schedule runs smoothly and safely.

The White Island has a relatively low crime rate compared to many European cities and is usually a safe and welcoming place. However, there are steps you can take for safe clubbing in Ibiza.

Party Smartly

In Ibiza, as in much of Spain, alcohol measures are very generous, especially when it comes to long drinks! A vodka and coke for example may contain three or four times the amount of vodka you would expect. So always be aware of how much you are consuming to avoid getting too tipsy too quickly. It’s always a good idea to line your stomach before a big night out, and in Ibiza, restaurants stay open late, often until 2am, and locals tend to eat later too, so you can enjoy a late night dinner in one of the many fabulous restaurants before hitting the clubs. 

Keep a close eye on your drinks while out and about, spiking drinks is not a big problem on the island, but it is not unheard of, so always ask a friend to keep an eye on your glass if you have to make a trip to the bathroom. Also, be cautious about accepting drinks from strangers, however friendly they may seem! It goes without saying that illegal substances are never a good idea, and that’s very true in Ibiza. Clubs and their security take a dim view of drug users and they can often be reported to the police if discovered. Never accept substances offered to you in a bar or a club.

Plan Ahead

If you are heading out with a large group of friends, then get together early in the evening and make a rough plan for the night. No one is suggesting you stick to a minute by minute itinerary – after all, Ibiza is all about spontaneity and fun, but it’s always good to have a general overview of how the night will pan out. Perhaps arrange a meeting point should you get lost or separated from your friends in a busy bar or club, and ensure your mobile is fully charged and has local emergency and taxi numbers stored just in case.

Emergency Ambulance – 061 / Emergency Police & Fire Service – 112 (All operators are able to communicate with you in English as well as many other languages)

Travel Safely

Leaving a nightclub at dawn is all part of the Ibiza experience. But sometimes, especially in the height of summer, queues for taxis can be long and slow moving. However, don’t be tempted to skip the wait and jump in a ‘pirate’ or illegal taxi, which are often operated by uninsured, unlicensed drivers. While you may be approached by a supposed taxi driver offering lower prices and a quick route home, it is always best to wait for one of the clearly marked official cars to become available. If there is a big group of you, you may wish to contact one of the local companies who offer minibus or people carriers for private hire legally and affordably. So remember, however much your feet are aching from dancing, unlicensed cars are never the best option! If you are partying on a budget – a great transport solution is the much loved Disco Bus which runs all night between the main nightclubs – for more info and timings check out

Taxi Numbers

Taxi Airport 971 395 481

Taxi Ibiza Town 971 398 483

Taxi San Antonio  971 340 074

Taxi Santa Eulalia  971 333 333

Keep Your Valuables Safe

Many clubs ask for identification at the door to prove your age, or your name if you are on one of the guest lists. This means you may need to carry some kind of photo id, for example a driver’s license or passport. Obviously, these are important documents and it is important to keep them safe along with any other valuables, keys and phones. Perhaps carry your belongings in a stylish purse with clips to attach to your belt or dress, there are some funky options available, a far cry from the days of the nylon ‘bum bags’. Or why not carry and handbag with a long strap which fits comfortable over your chest to avoid misplacing your purse while enjoying the moment.

So, with a little forward thinking, you can make sure your time in Ibiza is a pleasant and hassle free experience. The island has so much to offer to so many, and the most important thing of all is to relax, enjoy and savor every moment of your Ibiza experience! 

Best Party Hotspots 2015

Now that you’re ready to hit Ibiza Town, here is a quick run-down of what are guaranteed to be the best nights out for Summer 2015:


Avinguda 8 d’Agost, 07800 Ibiza+ 34 971 31 36 12

David Guetta will be returning for his record breaking F*** Me I’m Famous parties each and every Thursday, kicking off on 28th May. And after a successful debut in 2014, Steve Aoki is rumored to be moving his Playhouse parties to the coveted Monday night spot.


Paseo Juan Carlos, Puerto Marina Ibiza, Ibiza,   +34 971 310 022

Pacha’s sister-venue, and just as awesome. Expect high kicking showgirls, flexible acrobats and sexy salsa dancers to keep the ambience vibrant and alive.

Beach House

Playa d’en Bossa Beach –  +34 971 39 68 58

For people who want to indulge in some day-clubbing at one of Ibiza’s most gorgeous beaches, look no further. On Sunday evenings, it attracts an eclectic and bohemian crowd to dance the night away.

Where to Stay

If you’re searching for a place to stay in Ibiza, take a look at Ibiza Summer Villas. Rent an entire villa for yourself, your family, and your friends. Each villa exudes Mediterranean luxury living at its finest, and some boast up to 17 rooms. Ibiza Summer Villas has almost 100 gorgeous villas to choose from, with special promotions going on year-round. The Ibiza Summer Villa staff know Ibiza intimately, and can give you the best hints and tips about everything island-related.

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