Planning Your Europe Road Trip


Things you need to know for a road trip in Europe

Road trips are fun and surely give an amazing experience that one remembers throughout their life. You visit new places. You observe cultural diversity. You explore unfamiliar maps. You travel to places that you have planned for a long time. And have lots of fun. But road trips can be hectic as well, if you haven’t done proper preparations.

There are some must-know tips that one should know, before embarking on road trips. But they differ according to the locality. Europe, being an amazing place to explore by road trip, has a lot to offer to travelers.

The continent Europe has 48 sovereign states, and has different customs and traditions throughout the land to offer. Below are some things that you should have knowledge of before your expedition.

Hiring a vehicle abroad

What is the cheapest way for renting a car? Which will give you the most mileage per gallon of fuel? How do you deal with car insurance?  Even though hiring a vehicle has many benefits but a road tour is more ideal for countryside trips. And it will save you from the city’s traffic too. As exploring Europe through a road trip is your pre-travel decision, the most major thing on your preparation list is hiring a vehicle abroad.

Knowledge of the road rules

Knowing the rules of the place where you will travel to, is important and can never be ignored. Some of the important road rules in Europe are:

Many European countries have a rule that fog lights should stay ‘on’ whenever the car is running, even in daytime.

Most countries have the requirement of safety seats for children under the age three. In most countries, children under the age 12 are also not allowed to ride in the front seat, while some countries ban kids from sitting on the front seats no matter what.

In France, all cars need to have an unused Breathalyzer.

Keep some loose change at hand

Have some extra Euros with you while traveling as there will be toll booths in many parts of Europe. Worst case scenario, you might have to ask other travelers for spare Euros, or even worse, they will not speak your language and might not be able to help you out.

What side of the road do Europeans drive on?

Before you set out happily on your journey, let me ask you one thing. Which side of the road will you drive on? Instead of making a guess when you have reach there, and crashing into the car coming in your direction, know beforehand where you are supposed to drive.

Language translator, not everyone speaks English

Download Google Translate offline or some other software and it will be a huge help to you. As you will be traveling to a few countries, you might come across some villages where the people are not frequent English speakers. This can undoubtedly be a very frustrating experience if you cannot communicate with them upon need.

There will be obstacles

Most importantly, having patience and keeping your heart light is the main thing on all road trips. Letting your anger get the best of you will only worsen the situation. There are bound to be some obstacles and mishaps even if you have planned so much for the trip.

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