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Karma Jimbaran Hotel BaliBali is one of the most exotic places in the world.  A luxurious jungle paradise awaits those who embark on this trip. Bali itself realizes how stunning it is. Its official website states that “bali” means “island of the gods,” and if the gods were ever to go on vacation, this is certainly a place they would enjoy. It has everything you could want, and when it comes to booking your vacation, you can choose from a number of luxurious hotels right in the heart of everything you want to see. Here are some key things to keep in mind when staying in a luxurious hotel in Bali.

Look for Hidden Fees

Not all fees at 5 star hotels will be disclosed or even be ones that you expect, not because the hotel is shady but because certain fees are just expected. Internet, for instance, is a common fee service. While in the United States it is common for hotels to provide free wifi, that is not the case in many foreign countries. But even if you decide to access it on your smart phone, Trip Hacker warns that there may be additional roaming fees entirely separate from the hotel.

Most of the time, you can call up the hotel or speak with the concierge to find out what all will be charged. Locations like the Karma 5 Star Resort Jimbaran may tell you over the phone or send you to their website where you can find a breakdown. If you do find that additional charges have been added to your account that you have not authorized, do not be afraid to discuss it with management. Do remember to be polite though. Do not accuse them of being shysters or hiding the ball. Sometimes it’s just a simple misunderstanding.

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Safe Clubbing in Ibiza

In the heart of the Balearic Islands lies the beautiful isle of Ibiza. The island is famous for many reasons, not least its glittering nightlife scene. So, if you are thinking of heading to Ibiza, the party capital of the world, then be sure to plan ahead and ensure that your party schedule runs smoothly and safely.

The White Island has a relatively low crime rate compared to many European cities and is usually a safe and welcoming place. However, there are steps you can take for safe clubbing in Ibiza.

Party Smartly

In Ibiza, as in much of Spain, alcohol measures are very generous, especially when it comes to long drinks! A vodka and coke for example may contain three or four times the amount of vodka you would expect. So always be aware of how much you are consuming to avoid getting too tipsy too quickly. It’s always a good idea to line your stomach before a big night out, and in Ibiza, restaurants stay open late, often until 2am, and locals tend to eat later too, so you can enjoy a late night dinner in one of the many fabulous restaurants before hitting the clubs. 

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Fun Airport LayoverThere are so many fascinating places around the world to visit that it’s difficult to tick off as many spots on the bucket list as you’d like each year. However, sometimes a great way to see another city, even if just for a short time, is to take advantage of an airport layover. Turn a potential negative —multiple hours waiting around at an airport for your next flight — into a benefit instead, by spending that time getting a taste of the nearby sights. Whether you’re going to have some spare time in Asia, the United States, Europe or another spot in the world, you can choose to investigate the city that lies just outside the airport walls. Read on for some of the top places in the world for a fun airport layover.

1. Dubai: The Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa

Many tourists end up in Dubai on their way to regions such as Europe, Asia, or Australia. Instead of sitting around in the airport (although admittedly Dubai’s International Airport has plenty of attractions to occupy travelers) get out and explore this fascinating place. You can grab a cab from the airport and be anywhere in Dubai within just 60 minutes.

The Dubai Mall provides plenty of interesting ways to spend your time — it is one of the largest shopping and entertainment destinations in the world and is only set to get bigger with the current expansion in the works. At the Mall you’ll find more than 1,000 shops to browse including an aquarium, an ice rink, cinemas, dozens of restaurants, and even the original skeleton of a dinosaur that is over 155 million years old.

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Managing money would be one of your primary concerns when traveling abroad. You have several options. The first would be to make an arrangement with your bank. You would need to consult the bank in your home country as well as the one based abroad. Do this, if possible, before you leave for your destination country. This will help ensure beforehand that money transfer between banks is possible, and you are not inconvenienced in a foreign country.

Money transfer through banks

If you do choose to transfer money using your bank, here are some things you would need to keep in mind.

Open an account with the same bank as your home branch

This makes money transfer easier, since the banks are the same, with different branches across countries. Usually, when abroad, besides money transfer you would require services such as ATM, credit cards, and if you are planning to stay long term, you might look at investment possibilities as well.

Managing your bank account

You would want to ensure that bank accounts offer quick and easy cash withdrawal and deposit. You would also need to look at issues such as fees, tax, type of account, and even things such as banking hours. It is a good idea to look at questions such as proximity from your home, university, or workplace, and working hours when selecting a bank.
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New Trends in Hotels That Cater to Certain Types of Travelers

There are a growing number of hotels that cater to particular groups of travelers. Some hotels cater to people who bring their pets with them on vacation while other hotels welcome families who have young children. Some hotels specialize in catering to women who are traveling either for work or pleasure. Consider some of the specific services offered by these types of hotels.


Pet-Friendly Hotels


Hotels that are pet-friendly do more than allow dogs and cats to stay in the same room as their owners. A pet-friendly hotel may schedule play sessions for dogs and cats so they can interact with other pets. In addition, the hotel may offer a special menu of foods for pets and provide toys for them when their owners are out of the room. The owner will likely be able to get a comfortable pet bed for their dog or cat to sleep on. These are just a few examples of the services that make these hotels so appealing to pet owners who like to take their dogs or cats along when they travel.

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