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Must Have Travel Apps_CAFNRFor many female travelers the thought of going on a solo trip can be a strange one at first, but with the correct preparation this mountain quickly becomes more of a molehill. When considering an app, safety and security are among the first concerns. The following app suggestions make the journey more enjoyable too.

Google Translate quickly changed the way that we check out the written word but it can also help with the spoken word too. This handy app can be used to improve pronunciation and the voice recognition can even help travelers on the spot. There are 58 languages included. There are few places that this app wouldn’t come in handy.

To have some entertainment on hand for those quieter times spent in hotels, bingo can be a fun distraction. Bingo apps for tablets, like those recommended on, are all the rage and travelers can use these for gambling or just free fun.

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sri lankaI love trains and so when I went to Sri Lanka, I visited as many places as I could by train, and sometimes by bus.

I started in Colombo; went down to Galle to see the fort and lighthouse; to Anuradhapura with its temples and stupas; to Pollonarawa with its ancient sights; to Sigiriya, or Lion’s Throat; and Damballa with its caves full of Buddha murals and statues.

So far so good.

As I was planning this trip I had read something about a huge festival in the city of Kandy.  The festival is called Esala Perahera, and one website mentioned that it is the biggest festival of its kind in South Asia.

I felt quite lucky to be able to book a room online at the colonial era Queen’s Hotel.  With a copy of my reservation in hand I walked up to the front desk only to be told that they had no record of my reservation; they were fully booked; and every hotel in the area was fully booked. 

I usually try to keep my cool, but I decided to pitch a fit.  They gave me a room in the attic.  At first I was not at all satisfied with this room and I’m not picky about hotel rooms: for me it’s just a place to sleep after stomping around all day taking photos.  But this room was filthy and the Victorian bathtub was probably made early in the reign of that particular monarch.

But I was in luck.  This ten day Esala Perahera festival culminates in a huge parade with thousands of participants: dancers, torch twirlers, bowl spinners, drums and other instruments, elaborate costumes, and at least fifty elephants all covered in exquisite fabrics and brightly colored lights.  The main event is when the sacred tooth relic of Buddha which is normally kept in the Temple of the Tooth is carried in a golden “casket” on top of the last elephant “dressed” in gold.

And it just so happened that this incredible parade passed along the street on which the Queen’s Hotel sits.  And it just so happened that I could open up one of my windows and sit there watching the parade from one of the best seats in Kandy! Click to read more about my trip to Sri Lanka

Destination ChristmasSometimes mixing it up a bit for the holidays can be refreshing and fun.  If your budget this year is a little bit bigger (or even if that is not – there are some ways how to travel cheap) consider spending the jolliest time of the year somewhere abroad! Your Christmas memories will be plentiful and you’ll likely score some pretty amazing souvenirs from far away. Review this list of the 30 Most Beautiful Places in the World. Also consider the following five top destinations to spend your Christmas this year.


With one of the oldest Christmas markets in the world and many old Christmas traditions, Germany is worth visiting during the holiday season. Visit the oldest Christmas market in Dresden, dating back to 1435. Other must see markets include Munich’s Marienplatz market and Tollwood Winter Festival. In the capital city, Berlin make a stop at the hugely popular Christmas Market, held in the grounds of the stunning Charlottenburg Castle. And, of course, make sure you try out some Lebkuchen – delicious spiced gingerbread – and a cup of Glühwein – hot mulled wine.

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AirportLayoverLayovers can be the absolute worst part about a trip. A flight can be a fun time, and you get to sit down knowing you’re going to get to your destination soon enough. A positive outlook can turn other travel problems into adventures and stories to tell later. A layover is just waiting around for something to happen, and there is nothing you can do to make anything else happen. You can get through it though, and even have a good time doing so. Here are a few ways to get through that long airport layover you’ve been dreading:

Netflix and Chill

A long time to wait isn’t an issue if you can manage to lose track of time. If you sit down with a good video subscription service and have a miniseries lined up ready and raring to go your layover will fly by as fast as you can say “I need to charge my phone.” Alternatively you could sit down with a good book or listen to a discography of your favorite artist. Just something that you can use to take yourself out of time until an alarm tells you it’s time to board.

Note that if you are outside the country you may need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your favorite shows on Netflix. A VPN is a service that will connect you to an offsite secure server using an encrypted connection, allowing you to bypass regional restrictions and government censorship you might encounter when all you want to do is relax. To be perfectly honest, you should have one anyway due to the dangers of public networks you will encounter in airports and while traveling.

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Los Cabos is located at the Southern tip of the Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, in the state of Baja California Sur. This municipality of Mexico is stunningly beautiful and quite famous for its climate and geography, which includes beautiful sea side beaches and deserts. The towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo to Resorts Corridor offer all kinds of water sports and outdoor activities such as sport fishing, whale watching, night life and golf. Spread along the plentiful beaches in the south are the high class and lavish all inclusive Los Cabos resorts, a perfect holiday destination for honeymoon or family vacations. Read on for the best places to visit in Los Cabos.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, which is also known as El Arco de Cabo San Lucas in local language, is situated at the extreme Southern end of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Arch of Cabo San Lucas is known for the distinctive rock formation that erupts out from the ocean like an arch. Arch of Cabo San Lucas is also a popular gathering area for sea lions. This place is a popular tourist attraction and undoubtedly one of the important places to visit in Cabo San Lucas. To reach Arch of Cabo San Lucas, you can hire a boat taxi from Cabo San Lucas Marina. And along the way you can enjoy the view of Arch of Cabo San Lucas.

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