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CubaCuba is one of only a handful of truly Communist countries left in the world open to tourists. After decades of a US-led trade embargo on the nation, making it cut off from most of the outside world, its culture inevitably blossomed into something incredibly unique. Expect to experience warm, friendly locals, an extremely low crime rate with numerous adventures compacted into a relatively small island.

Examples of just some of the things to do in Cuba and the Cuban adventures to be experienced are off-the- beaten trail – yet world class – scuba diving sites on islands off the mainland. Or for city-lovers nothing quite beats the charm of the capital – Havana – with its beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, cosmopolitan nightlife, and pre-1950’s US-made cars such as Chevrolets and even Cadillacs, lovingly refurbished cruising on spotlessly clean streets past a plethora of classy bars, where Cubans love to dance the night away.

For cigar lovers and those who prefer nature and the quiet rural life, the Pinar Del Rio region with its rolling hills is the centre of the infamous Cuban cigar industry, and here you can visit cigar farms and meet the local farmers. While small towns such as Trinidad (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Santiago de Cuba have buckets full of colonial charm and warm, friendly locals to match the delightful ambience.

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Krakow GuideA friendly local contact with extensive local knowledge – let a Krakow City guide show you around!

Almost immediately after the fall of the Iron Curtain, tourists from all over the world began to discover the charm and amazing sites of the countries of Central Europe. Prague, Krakow and Budapest have become all become major tourist destinations in the last two decades. Visitors are drawn not only by the incredible art, architecture and cultural life but also by the atmosphere and buzz that comes from a lively social scene. Let’s take a closer look at what foreign visitors come to see and where they spend their time!

Krakow Local Guides

Local guides in Krakow are happy to welcome visitors of all ages from all over the world and show them around our amazing city. A stroll along the Royal Route through the Old Town and then on to the old Jewish Quarter of Kazmierz will take you past a number of obligatory stops for any traveller. Don’t forget about a great extra trip just outside of the city to the Salk Mines in Wieliczka. This unique destination is a great way to spend part of your day and you will see things that no other place in the world can boast of. Keep in mind that we not only can we arrange local Krakow guide for visitors in seven languages, but we are also glad to lend a hand in practical matters related to arranging various aspects of your stay – accommodation reservations, meals, parking, admission tickets or any number of other things. For information about all this and more, start with Krakow Guide and you can begin to plan your own visit. How many sites described there can you fit in to your stay?

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RewardStock Image

This one may surprise you. We all love to travel (that’s why you’re reading this right?). If it were free, we’d all travel more and see the world. For most of us, cost is the biggest hurdle between us and the travel of our dreams. So we wanted to highlight a concept that until now has mostly been popular in only a small niche of the travel market. Here’s a mind-boggling, but very real and very achievable, concept – you can actually travel to most places in the world for… almost no cash. I know. Read on.

Most people are aware of frequent flier miles. You know that if you fly a certain amount, you’ll earn credits that can eventually add up to a free flight. And similar programs exist at most hotels. That’s all well and good, but those programs are complicated and difficult to figure out unless you spent hours reading through rule charts. It often feels like you don’t get a ton of benefit from these points, so it’s easy to ignore them. My guess is, many of you have not made a ton of use of rewards like this for just that reason. Here are the top things to know about reward travel.

Essential Concepts for Nearly-Free Travel

Concept #1: Earning reward points is easy if you know how

Here’s the part that you may not know. There’s another, better, way to earn frequent flier miles, and hotel points. It’s by being smart about your personal finances. If you only fly occasionally, it would take years to earn enough miles to get a free trip. With the right financial plan, you could earn enough for a free trip in weeks. But how do you figure out the best credit card to get to earn the miles in the right program, and how do you maximize those miles once you earn them?

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Travel Diary
Travel writing is an extremely interesting phenomenon. It is hard to believe, but the first examples of travel writing appeared in the 2nd century CE. Indeed, people have always liked traveling. The desire to share one’s own traveling experience is not a sudden whim of modern tourists. Writing about different places and people who inhabit them is like keeping a diary. So what makes a great travel writer?
Travel writing is a narrative with a strong sense of place and time. A person should possess a real talent to interpret for his or her readers a certain destination. A good travel writer is capable of giving a fresh and unique insight into seeing well-known places. Travel writing is created for readers in the first place and it aims at sharing the pleasures of traveling with others. A travel writer discovers the differences between cultures and distinguishes their uniqueness. Travel books help people to get a better understanding of other cultures and ways of life. Travel writers make a good use of digital and computerized devices. They establish online and offline connections in order to become known.  Maintaining an online presence helps to promote travel writing and display it to editors.

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Family Vacation Travel Essentials

Make family vacations a breeze by bringing the right travel gear. Even though spending time with the family is unforgettable, jumping headfirst into a vacation without the right tools can be a disaster. There are a few tricks to making everyone happy, so make your life easier by bringing what everyone needs. Some travel items make all the difference in the world, so don’t get caught without them. Read on for family vacation travel essentials.

We know that getting ready for family vacations is usually a last minute dash. While you are running around frantically getting everyone ready for the trip, precious last minute time is slipping by. There’s hardly any time in between getting the kids ready and making sure your home is ready to leave. So do your packing the night before and follow this game plan. We consulted countless travel experts and scoured family travel blogs to give you the most comprehensive list of what you need for your next family vacation. Don’t ever travel unprepared, properly equip yourself to make this next trip amazing!

Travel Essentials for Family Vacations

Travel Essential #1: All the Electronics You Can Fit

When traveling with children, you need all the distractions possible. For a child sitting on a plane or in a car for hours seems like an eternity, but it passes in the blink of an eye when they have entertainment. While magazines or coloring books will buy you some extra time, in the end you are going to need help from your electronics. So don’t forget to bring a tablet, smartphone or laptop to keep your little ones from bouncing off the walls.

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