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hampi_virupaksha_templeSolo traveling is all the rage these days and women are no longer an exception to that. You can love traveling in packs just as much as you can enjoy a trip on your own. With backpacking being an increasing phenomenon these days, you can’t blame yourself for wanting to indulge in some of your own.  Though it can be a bit tricky to travel alone in India, there’s nothing that’ll stop a girl from doing it if you’ve got it in you. Check out the top 5 cities where a woman can travel alone in India.

Nainital, Uttarakhand

This quaint hill station offers some great opportunities. The dreamy destination has a magical background and the warmest of people to keep you feeling enthused during your trip. Boating in the pretty lake under the Himalayan peaks is relaxing and adventurous. There are some great sunset and sunrise points to explore. Nainital a perfectly secure and fun location to visit all by yourself. There is no disappointment when exploring this serene town of India.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Historical and intriguing, Khajuraho has a charm of its own. The miraculous temples have stunning architecture and the ups and downs of the trek up to this location are an ideal weekend getaway in India. If you’ve wanted to visit the UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites in India, the Khajuraho temples should definitely be on your list. Not only are the locals very willing to help, the tour guides are great to have conversations with about the interesting heritage of India.

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The Wye Valley and Brecon Beacons in Britain are two stunning areas less than 20 miles from one another.  Each has its own distinct identity, and both are extremely popular tourist destinations – perfect for ladies embarking on an active girls weekend in the great outdoors.

The Wye Valley follows 58 meandering miles of the River Wye to form some spectacular limestone gorge landscapes and dense wooded backdrops.  There is a healthy abundance of wildlife, such as horseshoe bats, peregrine falcons, kingfishers and goshawks horseshoe bats.  The region was designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1971 and is one of the UK’s finest and most treasured national parks, forming the perfect backdrop for a whole host of Wye Valley activities.

In contrast, the Brecon Beacons National Park is a grassy, heather-clad mountainous region situated just above South Wales’ historic coal mining region.  This dramatic landscape, shaped by glaciers in the last Ice Age, was designated a national park in 1957.  Here you’ll find South Wales’ highest peak, Pen y Fan, where invigorating outdoor activities reign supreme.

Here is our pick of the best activities each area has to offer:

Wye Valley Activities

1. Canoeing

The River Wye was voted by WWF as the public’s favourite river.  And canoeing the Wye Valley is an experience not to be missed.  For experienced boaters, taking to the rapids on Symonds Yat provides all the exhilaration needed.  While those hens looking for a more sedate day out can take a lazy cruise and take in all the stunning scenery on show.

Several activity outfits will offer equipment and take you to a starting point upstream, before you meander your way down the river unescorted.  Otherwise, there are a range of courses helping you to develop your skills.

2. Cycling

Cycling provides an excellent way for a group of ladies to explore the Wye Valley and nearby Forest of Dean regions.  Several cycle routes have been set up through Forest Enterprise sites.  Otherwise, Sustrans have opened a riverside cycle route that follows a disused railway line.

Over in the Forest of Dean, more experienced MTB thrill seekers can kit up and go hell for leather through several blue and red marked downhill trails.  There are also several hire companies offering a range of bikes and suggested routes.

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Cuba_Domenic Scaturchio

You’ve probably been thinking about Cuba for a while. The music, architecture, food, and history make it unique. There is also something particularly alluring about a tiny nation largely cut off from the rest of the world. The United States resumed commercial flights to Cuba this summer with regular service for several airlines beginning in late November. The normalizing of relationships between Cuba and the US over the last few years resulted in the first regular US commercial flights to Cuba since 1961. Here are the reasons you should (or shouldn’t) fly, cruise, or sail a yacht to Cuba this winter.

Why Go to Cuba

1. Because You Can

For most Americans, this will be the first winter travel to Cuba is legally possible. After years of only learning about Cuba in movies or history books, now is a chance to witness it for yourself. That could be reason enough to make the trip. A trip to typical winter holiday locations might not give you much to post about other than the sun and sand. Cuba offers experiences that are distinctly different. You’ll probably also be the first person on your block to visit so you’ll have great stories to share.

2. You Need to Catch It Before It’s Gone

Sure, Cuba will still be there in a few years – and so will new resorts, more tourists, and what will probably be a more “Americanized” experience. With the renewal of diplomatic relations with the US, investors and developers are already making plans for development in Cuba. That could be a positive feature for travelers who prefer a luxurious all-inclusive resort-type experience. For those of us who want to capture a more authentic view of Cuba – peeling paint and all – this winter is your chance.

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Do you remember the movie Hook? It’s one of my childhood favorites. Who doesn’t want to visit their grandmother in her perfect cosy snow-covered Kensington home for Christmas? Especially when that grandmother is friends with a fairy who takes you back to a magical land where you were once a champion for orphaned boys. I always dreamt that somehow I too would take that fairy dust flight over London’s snow-covered magical streets, and over the Big Ben until I finally was on my way to Never Land.

London is a wonderful place to book a cosy luxury vacation rental for Christmas, but you might find the streets a little more crowded than in the movie as you fly in to Heathrow or Gatwick. Christmas shopping is huge in London, and the famous attractions draw millions of people. Still, there’s a lot left to explore off the beaten track if you want to find it. Here are some of my recommendations to help you beat the shopping rush and find a little hidden magic.

The V&A

During Victoria’s reign, a number of magnificent monuments were built in her husband’s name. All of them are seriously worth a visit; The Albert Memorial, The Royal Albert Hall, and the famous Victoria and Albert Museum. From the moment you enter the V&A, the giant glass Chihuly chandelier lets you know you’ve come to a special place. The V&A’s permanent collection is spectacular and a visit the museum restaurant is unparalleled; you sit under magnificent Victorian painted ceilings!

The inner courtyard is a beautiful and relaxing place to stop for afternoon tea, and once you feel revived you’ll want to see the magnificent Cast Courts: two giant rooms filled to the brim with some of the world’s most famous marvels including a life sized cast of Trajan’s Column. It’s like they transported this giant treasure from the Roman Empire, broke it in two and filled a room with it. It’s quite a site to behold!

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12reasonstotravelTravel, whether abroad or somewhere in the United States, for a weekend or a semester, has a plethora of benefits. It does a person good to get away, relax, and unwind. It gives couples time to reunite with each other and for families, opportunities to build memories that will last a lifetime. You can go to the beach, to the mountains, to a bed and breakfast, go abroad to visit The Blarney Stone in Ireland or The Eiffel Tower in France. Before you head out research travel coupon codes to help stay within your travel budget. Read on for 12 reasons to pack your bag and travel.

  1. Practice your conversational skills in your native or foreign language with the locals and tourists. Communicate and socialize while eating out, shopping, checking in to your hotel, renting a car and taking a tour.
  2. There are so many opportunities to meet new people. Consider booking a pre-arranged tour through a travel agency or tour guide.
  3. Food. Try something you’ve never had before. Maybe even never heard of before! Find out the hometown fare in your destination and indulge.
  4. Here’s your chance to try something new: scuba diving, parasailing, zip lining, wind surfing. hiking, downhill skiing and more.
  5. Consider a cruise. While on the cruise you can relax around on the pool or on the deck, sleep late, take day trips at different ports, dine with the captain, enjoy the night light, and so much more.
  6. Be spontaneous. Take a road trip, stopping when you want at the different roadside attractions on a scenic route. Leave the time table at home.
  7. Gather your girlfriends and take a weekend shopping trip to a new city or state.
  8. Traveling can make home seem all that much sweeter when you come back. Especially when you come home rejuvenated and relaxed.
  9. Traveling teaches you history, sociology, and geography hands-on when you visit the museums, art galleries, historical sites.
  10. Experience different cultures in a different state or another country. For example, in New Orleans you have the French and Creole cultures to experience with food and music native to their culture or abroad.
  11. Endless choices as you have forty-nine states and one hundred ninety-five countries that you can visit so you will never run out of somewhere to travel for culture, adventure, or just relaxation
  12. Imagine the great adventures and stories you will have to share with your friends and family when you get home.