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elvinAre you planning to go on a vacation with your family or unaccompanied? What kind of weather do you love to spend your free time out – winter or summer? Some people really want to escape from the cold weather and spend quality time with their dear ones somewhere warm, whereas some love the ice cold weather and plan out a vacation accordingly. Along with weather there are a lot of things to consider while planning a vacation like transportation, luggage & sometimes travel insurance

January – The Yucatán Road Trip

Filled up with several name-brand restaurants and resorts, the Yucatán road-trip is the best place to visit in the month of January if you want the real taste of the real colonial Mexico. Although the season remains quite high in January, you can literally enjoy significantly lower prices as compared to those in the peak months – December and March.

Important Tip: You must visit Apoala for your lunch that costs about $6, inclusive of drinks, in case you’re looking to save money for other interests of yours.

February – Mont-Tremblant, Quebec for Skiing

Since the beginning of 2015, the price of U.S. dollar, in comparison to the Canadian dollar, has risen over 12 percent. Consequently, the skiing option in the mountains of Mont-Tremblant, Quebec is now available with a significant discount of 30 percent in comparison to that of its competitors, viz. Killington in Vermont, United States.

Important Tip: Make sure you visit Nansen, amongst 96 trails of the mountain, 3.7 miles run overlooking the village and the Lake Tremblant.

March – Sip and Stroll in Sonoma, California

Although Napa Valley gets much more buzz, Sonoma is very beautiful. Plus, you can get up to 40% cheaper hotels, irrespective of the shoulder season in this month. You might get the opportunity to have a chat with the makers of wine in a tasting room in addition to getting the prime reservation in one of the prominent restaurants.

Important Tip: You wouldn’t want to miss the Fresh Mozzarella Panini worth $10 and homemade pesto available at Dry Greek General Store in Healdsburg (since 1881).

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April – Take pleasure in the Life of Small-town in Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville, South Carolina is known to house former textiles and is mesmerizing chefs, independent shops, new hotel chains, and craft breweries. At the same time, the USA calls the Perfect example of new South – the Blue Ridge Mountain haven. Make sure you plan your trip to Greenville, S.C. before the prices go up and the crowd catches up.

Important Tip: Enjoy the free music every Thursday and Friday night on the Main Street.

May – Make it to Hawaii Island for Hiking and Beach Time

Try the Big Island this May to enjoy the most affordable holiday. Right between winter and summer, May is the optimal time to visit Hawaii and take advantage of lower flight rates. 

Important Tip: Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for no more than $15 each car. You can enjoy a trek along crushed-lava road or through the lava tube to the ocean.

June – Lake Champlain in early summer

You can’t afford to miss a visit to Lake Champlain, as the temperature is quite similar to that in the months of July and August. Plus, the hotel prices are about 12% cheaper and around 12% less in comparison to that in fall. This indeed is the lovely time to visit this place since the season flowers also remain in bloom.

Important Tip: Don’t miss crepes of Skinny Pancake, valuing being in Burlington.

July – Gdansk, Poland for Sightseeing

For a perfect vacation, visit Europe in summer. Expenses are lower in this off season and less popular destinations like Poland will help keep you within your travel budget.

Important Tip: For currency exchange, visit kantors instead of a bank or a branch of Western Union to avoid high charges.

August – Costa Rica for cloud forests

Experts say that during the transition of months from May to August, tourists are a few while the travel deals are plenty. You can enjoy the rain, storms that quickly pass, and seeing turtles and whales in a large number.

Important Tip: In Costa Rica, you can enjoy walking in the night in the wildlife hikes. On your way, you may witness owls, long-tailed olingos, and tree frogs.

September – Chincoteague, Virginia – a getaway

You would love to be here in September, especially because the prices drop by 20% or even more. You will the boardwalk on this very laid-back barrier island, open vistas, placid inlets, and bike trails on the adjacent island.

Important Tip: You can see the island on the water while being on the Daisey’s Island Cruises. Plus, you will see shorebirds and dolphins all around.

October – Michigan for a Color Trip

The high season ends here while you can still enjoy trusted rides on the quiet roads, waterfalls, and red and gold vistas of leaves changing colors. You can get a hotel room in around $96, which is significantly less as compared (approx 38%) to other leaf-peeping spots.

Important Tip: You can enjoy a pint at Marquette’s Ore Dock Brewing Company for $1 off between 5 pm to 7 pm (the happy hours).

November – Buenos Aires to explore the streets

You can spend your vacation in almost 30% less than what you might have expected while planning the trip, as the Argentinean peso has dropped by the same value as compared to the dollar. In fact, November is the best time to explore Buenos Aires.

Important Tip: Do try Big Sur, small and lively, though; that’s for lomito steak sandwich.

December – Newport, Rhode Island for holiday spirit

The best-kept secret of the city is the month of December. You will see the sparkling white lights illuminating all over the city – shops, restaurants, and homes. You can even visit the one-time summer playground, which is open for the wealthiest families across the country, opens up affordably for other people as well.

Important Tip: Do visit to watch the Newport Nutcracker, which costs $85 for adults and $55 for children.

The bottom Line

Planning a trip may be easy but sometimes extra expenses may be incurred or unforeseen situations occur like a medical visit. Consider a travel insurance policy with adequate coverage, no matter if you’re traveling abroad or within your own country. In a nutshell, never overlook the odds of unforeseen events, as life is uncertain.

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