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Dream Vacation - Bora Bora

We all have dream vacations that we would love to take. Have you ever made your dream vacation a reality? In other words, have you actually gone to the destination that you’ve always dreamed of? For most of us that are asked this question, we would shyly look down at the ground and shake our heads. Well why not? The main reason is probably money right? Who could possibly afford to go to Hawaii or Bora Bora? You know who could? You. Dead serious. 

Give Up Those Non-necessities

There are so many things in this life that we think we need. But in actuality, not only do we not need those items, but we can probably function better without them! For instance, take your television. Sure, it provides you some entertainment, but it just ends up sucking the life out of you day after day. Without it, you could not only improve the quality of your life, but you will save a ton of money. If your monthly cable bill is $75, you just saved yourself $900 for the year. That’s a great start to experiencing your dream vacation!

Sell Some Stuff

If you’ve lived anywhere for five years or more, I’m absolutely positive that you have some items that you own, but never use. If your neighborhood has a community garage sale coming up, I would strongly encourage you to participate! Put that treadmill out there for sale, or maybe you have some extra furniture, or perhaps you’d like to get rid of those old books, toys, or baseball cards. All of these items have value and could get you that much closer to your dream vacation.

Work Some Odd Jobs

If you don’t come up with enough money by selling your stuff or cutting your cable, then it might be time for you to make some extra cash with some side jobs. We all have talents. Some are very different than others, but for most of us, we could market one of our talents to others and get paid for it. For example, you might be extremely handy when it comes to car repair or house repair. At $25 per hour, you’re probably the cheapest labor out there, but with that money you could really save up for a vacation fast. If you aren’t handy, then maybe you could make money by giving instrument lessons, or perhaps you could get paid for singing at weddings. Not musically gifted? You could mow some lawns or detail cars. The possibilities are endless. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you could quickly earn your money and take that vacation of your dreams!

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Kayli Schattner 1

These are some really great ideas! My boyfriend and I can’t not pay for our cable bill (our apartment requires it as part of our rent package) but it’s definitely something we weren’t going to purchase in order to save money before signing that particular lease. We do try to cut back though in other ways- for instance, we love to go out to eat and explore our state a lot, but to save some extra money we’re trying to cut back on those costs and limit ourselves to a few places each month that we’ve really been wanting to go. And working the odd job helps too! While not very odd, I try to house/baby sit as often as I can and even though it’s not often, the extra money when I do definitely helps with everyday expenses so I can put more into our travel fund.

Rickeytard 2

I would like to say that Brazil is my favorite place and I want to visit there since many times. After read this article I realize that I can visit Brazil very soon and might be save money as well. Thanks for share such an informative article over here, great to read.

Peta 3

If you plan ahead and start saving early, you can easily take the vacation you have been dreaming of.

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