How to Find Housing and Live Like a Resident in Koh Samui



Thanks to its exotic weather with year-round sunshine, glossy and soft sandy beaches, high-end attractions, restaurants, hotels, and incredible experiences; Thailand is loved by many foreigners who decide to extend their stay in this country after their first visit. If you are one of them then keep on reading to learn how to afford to live like a resident in Koh Samui;  one of the most popular islands in Thailand with local traditions and modern activities. This is a gorgeous place with fantastic and contrasting mixtures of several activities for anyone.

Long Term Apartment for Rent in Samui

You can choose either an affordable Thai style apartment or a luxurious house according to your wallet and interests. You can live well in Koh Samui on a budget of $1,800 to $2,200 a month. If you decide to rent a smaller house and do shopping in the local market then you’ll save much money.  The best thing about this island is that it is full of gorgeous beaches around to rent your dream apartment. 

Renting apartments in Samui is so popular because per the property ownership rights for foreigners in Thailand there are several things to be considered regarding visas to continue living in the country. Visas need to be renewed every year. The best way to find affordable, long-term apartments on Koh Samui is by driving around the island looking for rental signs or by word-of-mouth. The majority of travel agencies offer apartments only for short-term tourists and they are generally expensive. If you do that research yourself you’ll find out many properties that are not listed with local real estate agencies. One of Koh Samui’s most popular expat areas where you can find the desired is Bophut. It’s a northeastern town with a slow pace of life. Another advantage of this place is that it’s near the Samui International Airport, which makes the life easier and more convenient.

You can easily rent 500 to 750-square-foot villas for $515 to $590 a month in Samui. Smaller places like 484 square feet cost about $295 a month. The easiest way to get the right apartment is to chat with the locals. They provide the most useful information about the facilities and prices. Many of the modern one- and two-bedroom apartments are about $440 and $550 a month. However, such houses are difficult to find unless you spend some time and do it yourself.

Those looking for cool mixtures of old and new traditions, experiences and adventures may rent an apartment Nathon Town on the west of the island. Here rental prices are lower. The opportunity to get familiar with old Chinese shop houses that sell an eclectic range of goods as well as the real mess Irish pubs, souvenir shops, modern grocery stores and international restaurants are very exciting and fascinating. Another advantage of the town is that it has an excellent public hospital. Many tell that you will quickly find reasonable long-term apartment in Nathon if you chat with locals. Try to learn as much as possible about the place you are going to live and then rent a house according to your desires. Take into account not only the facilities but also the neighborhood, people, their lifestyle, markets, hospitals and connections around.

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