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Krakow GuideA friendly local contact with extensive local knowledge – let a Krakow City guide show you around!

Almost immediately after the fall of the Iron Curtain, tourists from all over the world began to discover the charm and amazing sites of the countries of Central Europe. Prague, Krakow and Budapest have become all become major tourist destinations in the last two decades. Visitors are drawn not only by the incredible art, architecture and cultural life but also by the atmosphere and buzz that comes from a lively social scene. Let’s take a closer look at what foreign visitors come to see and where they spend their time!

Krakow Local Guides

Local guides in Krakow are happy to welcome visitors of all ages from all over the world and show them around our amazing city. A stroll along the Royal Route through the Old Town and then on to the old Jewish Quarter of Kazmierz will take you past a number of obligatory stops for any traveller. Don’t forget about a great extra trip just outside of the city to the Salk Mines in Wieliczka. This unique destination is a great way to spend part of your day and you will see things that no other place in the world can boast of. Keep in mind that we not only can we arrange local Krakow guide for visitors in seven languages, but we are also glad to lend a hand in practical matters related to arranging various aspects of your stay – accommodation reservations, meals, parking, admission tickets or any number of other things. For information about all this and more, start with Krakow Guide and you can begin to plan your own visit. How many sites described there can you fit in to your stay?

Krakow Sightseeing – What else do visitors like to see?

It’s a cliche but it’s absolutely true – Krakow has an amazing number of sites, activities and experiences for visitors of every kind. The Old Town, Kazimierz, Nowa Huta (the socialist- realist “ideal city” and its exceptionally interesting history for visitors from the West), the area of the ghetto from the war and Oscar Schindler’s factory, the amazing Underground Museum in the Main Square and a long list of other locations await you in Krakow. You can also get off the beaten path and see the quiter but still fascinating side of the city in places like Salvator and Old Podgorze, visit the three hill fortresses around the city or one of the impressive monasteries. You will run out of time before you run out of choices!

When it’s time to take a break from moving around the city, another experience begins in Krakow’s incredible variety of cafes and restaurants. This is when you will truly slip in to the atmosphere that defines this fantastic city. Spend the night in the hotel in the center of town so you can go for a morning run in the park that surrounds the Old Town, smell the freshly baked bread as the sun rises and the city comes to life and spend a lazy morning over a cup of something hot while you gaze out the window.

About the Author: Grzegorz Floryański is a professional, licensed city guide from Krakow, Poland. He looks forward to sharing his beautiful city with you soon!

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