Three Favorite Burger Joints in Montreal


PatatiPatata BurgerMontreal is a city made famous for many reasons: it’s been called the “little Europe of North America”, it’s the home of the world-famous poutine, the city’s bars are open late and wild parties can be found mid-blizzard, but most importantly, Montreal is famous for its devotion to food. Whether you eat it in prestigious restaurants or in tiny, hidden dives, Montrealers know and appreciate good food when they find it. Because of this, JustFly reviews the best places to grab a delicious burger while visiting Montreal. Read on for JustFly’s favorite burgers joints in Montreal.

Patati Patata

Located in the trendy arrondissement Le Plateau, this late-night diner is a staple in the neighborhood according to JustFly. On the corner of Rachel and St. Laurent boulevard, duck inside the brightly colored and oh-so-teeny-tiny diner for the best sliders around. Okay, so they’re not full-fledged burgers, but the sliders at Patati-Patata are the perfect size for you to confidently order four without really feeling bad about it. Customize your order with either veggie or meat patties, add your garnish, grab some fries, and maybe even a beer all for the incredibly low price of a John Macdonalds (that’s $10 for those who don’t know, also it’s the purple bill). Seating in the diner is very limited, so your best bet is to take these little guys home with you and gorge on them in the privacy of your own home.

Nouveau Palais

The quintessential Montreal diner, Nouveau Palais is unassuming, dark lit, and kind of looks like it was forgotten in 1950’s Quebec. As you sit down in one of the booths, you quickly realize that this isn’t just any Quebecois diner, this is the one you’ve been dreaming of. Asides from their regular menu (which we’ll get to later), Nouveau Palais regularly serves daily specials with ingredients taken fresh from local farmer markets. You know that any restaurant that’s featured on an Anthony Bourdain show is worth the visit, so grab a seat and get comfy. Start with a drink order of any beer and any shot for $7 (seriously), and then order their famous burger with fries. The perfectly made patty is delicious, unassuming, and will leave you so full you’ll hate yourself. But it was worth it.


A favorite spot frequented by many players on the city’s NHL team, M:brgr is an experience unlike anything you’ve ever eaten. Mixing together fine dining atmosphere with delicious burgers, construct the burger of your dream with relative ease. We say relative because there are so many options to choose from that the process can feel overwhelming. Using only the finest AAA beef patties, choose from any of their menu burgers. Feeling fancy? You can add black truffle shavings or even fois gras to your burger. But what if you’re feeling ostentatious? No problem, M:brgr has a menu dedicated to our high rollers: named the “Eat Me” menu, grab a crisp hundred dollar bill and opt for a double Kobe beef burger filled with bacon, pineapples, fois gras, pulled porn, honey truffle aioli and whole lot of other stuff that makes your mouth drool.

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Keith Holland is the Community Manager for Momentum Ventures in Montreal, Quebec and is a journalism graduate from Toronto, Ontario’s Humber College. Follow Momentum Ventures at @MVenturesMTL and reach Keith by email at

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