Go! Girl Guides Thailand (Review)

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I solemnly swear (with my left hand on a Go! Girl Guides book and my right hand up in the air) that the Go! Girl Guides Thailand is as good as any travel guidebook you will find on the market today. Just as good as Lonely Planet or Let’s Go or any other destination guidebook you can name.

When I first heard about Go! Girl Guides I thought, “Hey! That sure sounds a lot like Do It While You’re Young!” but I’m not one to think that there’s room for only website devoted to women and travel so I kept my eye on them. After all, their success (or ours) could be good for all of us. Right?

So I waited with anticipation for their new Thailand guide to come out. E-books and self-published books can be a hit or miss. And I have noticed that sometimes women have the best self-published books out there (See my review of Kirsty’s The Underground Guide to International Volunteering (Review)).

So, when the book was released I snatched up the e-book quietly and (virtually) flipped through it. I also forwarded it to Kristina with a “Look at this! This is great!” email. I did not know Kelly Lewis when I bought the book, although of course I knew of her through her site so this is definitely a very honest review. After going through the guide, I emailed her and asked if she minded that I do a review and offer a discount to DIWYY readers who might be interested in the book for themselves.

Go Girl Guides HeaderSo I guess I should mention what I liked about the guide.

First, it is unabashedly written for women. By the 20th the page an interview with a local Thai M.D. asks if abortions are available in Thailand. Can you imagine ever reading this in Lonely Planet?  Other interesting “for women only” facts outlined in this book are that bras are difficult to come by in Thailand so make sure you pack appropriately, interviews with pretty much only female travelers, and an obsessive focus on shopping, women’s health and safety (WATCH OUT GIRLS).

I definitely love the sections devoted to volunteering in Thailand and you know you love Pad Thai so don’t overlook the Food & Recipes section.

Overall, this guidebook is exceptional and if you’re planning on going to Thailand for a post-graduation trip, to volunteer, or just to getaway this is a definitive guide to Thailand. It should be all you need!

As a gift to our readers, Go! Girl Guides has generously offered a discount of 10% off their Thailand ebook. Just enter DIWYY in the coupon code box at checkout.

We know you’ll find this guide useful like we have and we know you’ll love it!

Jerri Stephenson is the co-founder of DIWYY. She’s never been to Thailand, but is seriously considering now thanks to Go! Girl Guides.

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