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NASAMarshallThe truth is out there. I want to believe. These phrases ring like gospel in the ears of nerds and sci-fi addicts. While sub-orbital tourism exists thanks to companies like Virgin, these trips are mostly unobtainable for common people operating with even generous travel budgets. The fact is that the trip to a galaxy far, far away is still a distant dream for humankind. There are some destinations out there that represent the next best thing. Here are the three best Sci-Fi Adventure Trips according to FlightHub to get your alien fix without having to explain an awkward abduction story to your friends and coworkers.

1 – Roswell, New Mexico

The epicentre of the little green men movement nationally and perhaps globally, Roswell is famous for being the location of a crash in 1947 that skeptics believe was an alien craft. Quickly denounced by the US Air Force as a crashed weather balloon, a rancher uncovered a wreckage that spawned the modern myth of little green men and led to the creation of the popular term “flying saucer”. Today Roswell is home to countless alien attractions, museums, and shops. Those looking to make their way to Roswell can fly or drive directly or make a road trip out of it by heading there via Phoenix, Arizona, which was one of the southwest’s top holiday destinations according to a recent FlightHub review.

2 – Area 51, Nevada

Located in the barren deserts North of Las Vegas, another top holiday destination according to FlightHub, Area 51 has become a symbol of government secrecy. The subject of countless documentaries, video game adaptions, and films, Area 51 is designated by the government as a top secret proving ground and testing location located within Edwards Air Force Base. While the government insists Area 51 is home to a military testing facility, skeptics have long believed this remote base is home to a collection of alien and UFO specimens. The distrust is only amplified by the intense security surrounding Area 51, which includes an order to “shoot on sight” if you are caught trespassing too deep onto the property. A safer alternative is to visit nearby Rachel, Las Vegas which features numerous attractions dedicated to Area 51 and alien culture.

3 – Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

If you are looking for a more grounded approach to sci-fi adventure, look no further than the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Located near the famed Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Kennedy Space Centre hosts numerous relics of the Space Race and allows visitors to eat lunch with real astronauts, inspect real rockets and shuttles, and try out different simulators. A straight shot East of Orlando, the Kennedy Space Centre is also accessible via popular FlightHub destinations like Miami, Fort Myers, and Fort Lauderdale.

The far reaches of space may be off-limits to everyone but astronauts but leave it to fans of science fiction to dream up destinations where they can get their fix. These destinations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to popular extraterrestrial destinations according to FlightHub. If you have an itch to go even further off the map you can check out other alien hotspots like the self-described alien graveyard of Aurora, Texas and the McMenamins UFO Festival in McMinnville, Oregon.

Lastly, don’t forget, the truth is out there.

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Keith Holland is the Community Manager for Momentum Ventures in Montreal, Quebec and is a journalism graduate from Toronto, Ontario’s Humber College. Follow Momentum Ventures at @MVenturesMTL and reach Keith by email at keith.holland@mventures.ca.

Photo Courtesy of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

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