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All week I’ve been thinking about what I was going to put in this week’s newsletter. In our recent survey, you all had a lot of great suggestions for ways we could make the DIWYY newsletter even better. We’ve tried a little bit of all the suggestions and definitely think the newsletter is looking better. But there’s always room for improvement, right? Like most of you, I do want our newsletters to be interesting and not just a mashup of the posts on DIWYY over the last week.Believe me, Kristina and I would love to be able to offer each and every one of you more airline miles, free hotel stays and all types of rewards. Trust me, we talk about it all the time and are constantly trying to research ways to give you more information, advice and ideas and especially free stuff! Right now, we’re working on more partnerships with great companies that we think you’d be interested in. We have a few secret giveaways coming up that we’re super excited about and think you will LOVE! As DIWYY subscribers (and our favorites- shh! don’t tell the other kids!) you’ll be the first to know about upcoming goody giveaways 

But back to the newsletter – so as I was sitting in front of my computer trying to contemplate how to make the newsletter even better and helpful to you, I got the April newsletter from Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic in my email inbox. Ayngelina is a really creative chica and an inspirational world traveler. So as I opened up the email, I was hoping I could get some newsletter inspiration and that I did.

Ayngelina shared a TED presentation from Sarah Kay. While this is a really inspirational talk, it led me to TEDwomen. I had no idea that there was a TEDwomen (I guess I’m a little behind the times). And now I have so many idea running through my head, I’m again paralyzed. I encourage you to go check out some of the videos this weekend- when you have the time, of course – for your dose of inspiration. Where should you start? How about the newest video in the collection from Caroline Casey: Looking Past Limits.

Have a great weekend and happy travels!

Jerri and Kristina

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