Congrats to Katy & Samantha for winning the “Friends Don’t Let Friends Not Travel” contest


A huge congratulations to Katy Bentz and Samantha O’Brochta who got the most votes in our Friends Don’t Let Friends Not Travel contest. They will be heading to Europe this summer with Contiki. Here is the story that Samantha sent in to nominate Katy:

Katy is one of my greatest friends, and a fellow photographer. I feel blessed that I finally got to travel abroad and take the most amazing photos I’ve ever shot, but Katy hasn’t gotten that chance yet. She has a passion for travel that needs to be experienced. She’s an amazing photographer who needs to get out of the USA and discover new and fresh things to take photographs of. I know she could use this amazing experience to capture the beauty in the world, and I could think of no one better to get to travel to Europe and photograph its magnificence with.

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