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Our Work and Travel Video Interview Series features inspiring entrepreneurs, travel professionals, and adventurers who have cracked the code to pursuing a career while leaving plenty of time for travel.

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Hey everyone, welcome to Do It While You’re Young’s Work + Travel Series. Today we’re talking with Chief Stewardess, Claire Boggiss from Blue Nation.

Claire runs a Superyacht Crew Training business that helps people like you prepare to work onboard one of over 4,500 superyachts in the world. Claire is ideally suited to her role, having a double major in International Management and Marketing plus eight years experience in the super yacht industry, including several spent crewing in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the US.

Here’s what you’re going to get out of watching the interview:

  • Learn how to get started as a super yacht steward or stewardess.
  • Hear what type of experience you need and what background and training can set you apart in this competitive industry.
  • Hear the how and why in Claire starting this business and how you can follow her lead.


The second edition of the Talbot’s book, Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers, just came out.  It’s all about gathering your resources to do something big in your life.

We caught up with the Talbots in Work + Travel Interview 15. Check it out here.  Here’s some more advice and insight from this traveling duo.

You & Your Career

How would you describe your career?

My husband Warren and I come from the corporate world, but after shedding our possessions in a big life wake-up call, we’re now traveling the world as authors since 2010. We’ve written 3 books: Getting Rid of It: Eliminate the Clutter in Your Life; Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers; and Strip Off Your Fear: Slip Into Something More Confident.

We’ve also produced one book of essays, In Confidence: Essays in Bold Living. Our plan is to continue writing one book per year along with other multimedia offerings on creating the life you want from the life you already have.

How did you first become involved in the online world?

We both are early adopters. I was one of the first online telecommuters in 1999 (on a dialup connection, no less), living in New Mexico and working for a company in DC. It changed my whole life, and the internet has been a part of it ever since. I managed a team of 50 people, and I created a website for us to stay in touch.

Warren had a startup in 1999 to provide applications to users through a portal, an idea that was a bit too ahead of its time to be successful. After that, he stayed in the game on the business side of software at companies like Microsoft. We both began building websites for ourselves and other people in 2007 (me with Squarespace and Warren with WordPress), though Warren is the only one who does it now. We never dreamed it would lead to becoming authors of our own self-publishing company, but it did.

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If you missed the Work + Travel series with Kristin, check it out here.

If you’re looking for more great insight from Kristin on how she started her own yoga destination business in Costa Rica, look no further.

You & Your Career

How would you describe your career?

PURE LOVE!  In yoga it’s called following your Dharma.  Everyday that I wake up I could not be more in love with what I do.  Sharing yoga and body/energywork with the world?  And in particular sharing these modalities in a developing country?  Yes please!  It’s like my birthday everyday. I love what I do and I do what I love.

How did you first become involved in the online world?

My experience in the “online world” is pretty limited and mostly tied to the running of the business.  To tell the truth I am trying to (little by little) diminish my involvement in and delegate the online tasks.  All the time spent on the computer is valuable time to be spent with my family and friends, on the yoga mat or out in the water and the world!  I AM proud to say though that I recently learned how to edit our own website! What a feat…

What was your first break?

I’m not sure if I can choose one defining moment in the lifespan of the business enough to categorize it as a “break”.  I guess then I would have to say my “big break” was the first time I ever opened up a yoga book with curiosity and rolled out a mat as a teenager.

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Hey everyone, welcome to Do It While You’re Young’s Work + Travel Series. Today we’re talking with authors and world travelers Betsy and Warren Talbot.

Betsy and Warren teach people how to create the life they want from the life they already have. After experiencing a wakeup call at age 37 that life is short, they set about creating the lifestyle they really wanted, which was one of world travel. Over the next two years, they systematically shed themselves of all their possessions and saved enough money to travel for five years. Along the way, they developed a cult following on their website, Married with Luggage.

Here’s what you’re going to get out of watching the interview:

  • hear the specific steps they took to shed their belongings to pursue a life of travel
  • hear the marketing and PR skills they are using to promote their latest book Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers.
  • gain valuable insight into how they research and survey to figure out what their audience and customers want

Be sure to check out their latest book, Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers.

Buy it today from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes in ebook or print.


Hey everyone, welcome to Do It While You’re Young – I’m Bret. And today we have Kristin Ramirez from OM.

Kristin started a yoga studio in Costa Rica and has since grown it into a thriving yoga tourism destination with classes 363 days of the year, a hostel, surfing and more. She’s built a community service element into the business where participants and employees of her business engage with the community and share the gift of yoga.

This is an inspiring story you won’t want to miss.

Here’s what you’re going to get out of watching the interview:

  • learn how a creative writing and spanish major developed the confidence to start her own business
  • learn the concrete steps Kristin took to get more customers and develop her yoga studio into a thriving business.
  • hear Kristin’s take on the trends in yoga and destination travel and how you can follow in her footsteps to launch a similar business.

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