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Here at Do It While You’re Young, our mission is two fold.

The first is to connect passionate travelers with personal stories and advice from world travelers- those who’ve studied abroad, worked abroad, volunteered abroad, and traveled with our partners like EF College Break and Contiki.

The second is to help the women who make it happen. These are the women starting their own travel blogs, connecting with an audience, starting their own enterprises, launching non-profits- doing the things that matter.

Which is why we like to recommend products and services that have worked well for us in the hopes that they will help you take the next step in your pursuits.

If you need to connect with your audience (hint: everyone should be connecting with their audience) – readers, leads, customers, or supporters – you need to start building an email list.


For business, the money is in the list. Being able to keep a conversation open with your customers is crucial. An email newsletter service makes that happen.

The same goes for starting a non-profit. The goal is to turn your website’s visitors into supporters, supporters into donors. An email list can help you do that.


DIWYY’s Recommendation for Email Marketing

We recommend AWeber for building an email list and sending email newsletters to your audience.

Why AWeber? They do nice things for us, like provide video tutorials on how we can configure our email opt-in forms and design our travel newsletter to maximize engagement.

They send us information on upcoming live Webinars (unsolicited!).

And they do this all with a big smile on their faces. Well, this last one is an assumption, but I think a fair one considering they have to deal with needy, slow-to-grasp-a-concept customers like us. They are still talking to us after repeated requests for support and clarification.

We are super-excited to offer our readers a guide to getting started with AWeber. Everything you need to become an expert at email marketing and make meaningful use of AWeber’s excellent email marketing service.

Click the button below to get started.

Click here for DIWYY’s Ultimate Guide to Building an Email List


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