Live. Play. Explore. We’re Here To Help.

You’re a traveler.

You’re an explorer.

You’re probably a bargain-hunter looking for low-cost travel options.

But you also want more than that.

You want to find freedom and fulfillment, and you want to connect with other travelers like yourself who have the same values and dreams.

And let’s face it, time is a limited commodity. You want to plan your travels. You want to plan for what comes next in life. But most importantly, you want to get out there and just do it.

Enough talk.

At DIWYY, we have a strong team (we call them the family) of travel writers who share meaningful insight and advice to help you explore – explore the world, and explore yourself. They are helping others create a sustainable lifestyle of work and play.

You won’t hear the same tired, played-out travel and lifestyle advice here. That’s our promise.

At Do It While You’re Young, you are a member of a thriving community of travelers – those looking for the answer to ‘What comes next in life?”

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Meet the Team

Bret – Creative Director & EditorDo It While You're Young - Bret Wagner

My life has definitely not followed the typical path. I expect the rest of my time on this earth will be spent in some similar fashion – finding pursuits which interest me, learning how to take purposeful action, contributing to our community and enjoying life.

I love the Do It While You’re Young message. When Katie and I started learning what this community represented, we fell in love with the people. The contributors, our visitors and regular readers, and of course, Jerri and Kristina and the incredible family they started here.

I’m looking forward to taking the DIWYY community to the next level and truly help others to live, play, and explore.

DIWYY - KatieKatie – Business Development

I’m a marketer by training, but my real talents lie in my ability to organize. Do It While You’re Young is a group of passionate women travelers who love to get out and explore new cultures. I’m looking forward to the chance to organize this group so we can work together to reach more people.

What really gets me excited is the opportunity to work towards a common goal. We are still searching for foundations or non-profit partners. If you have an idea, let me know!

DIWYY - WhitneyWhitney – Public Relations

I’m so happy to be the newest member of the Do It While You’re Young family. As a Communication Arts and Spanish double major at the University of Wisconsin, I’m excited to both gain experience as a public relations intern and help the company grow to it’s full potential.

Though I’ve lived in suburban Wisconsin my whole life, I dream of someday living a life of travel and adventure. This topped with the potential for great work experience and networking makes working with Do It While You’re Young the perfect internship for me. Creative to the core, I love any sort of activity that allows me to shine in that regard, be it art, music, cooking, photography, or even just reworking a website.

Feel free to contact me with any creative suggestions and ideas for Do It While You’re Young!

Jerri – AdvisorJerri - Do It While You're Young Advisor

Jerri is originally from the west Texas town of Abilene, TX, and graduated from Abilene Christian University.

She got her first real taste for travel in college when she studied abroad one summer in Oxford, England and then again he next year during Christmas break in Australia. Not having any job prospects and not really wanting any, the day she graduated from college, Jerri moved to Barcelona, Spain, knowing no one, with no real plans and for no good reason!

While working and traveling around the world, Jerri kept a travel blog and podcast (way back before it was considered cool) called One Girl, Her Backpack and a Passion for Travel, to keep family and friends updated on her whereabouts.

Kristina – AdvisorKristina - Do It While You're Young Advisor

Kristina Wegscheider is a native of San Jose, California. During her undergraduate program, she studied abroad in both Australia and South Africa. Although Kristina now works full-time in Human Resources, she hasn’t let the pressures of corporate America take away from her true passion of being a full-time traveler.

Since 2002, when she began traveling independently, she has visited forty-six countries and territories spanning all seven continents. Thus far, her favorite travel destination has been Antarctica. Kristina blogs regularly on DIWYY’s website, as well as on I Wish Travel and i-studentlife.

Kristina has also contributed material for books in the To Asia With Love guidebook series from ThingsAsian Press.


How DIWYY Started – The Short & Sweet Version

Kristina and Jerri met in 2002 while studying abroad in Australia with the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad. They became instant friends who shared a love of travel and world exploration.

The Do It While You’re Young brand evolved after Jerri and Kristina had several meet-ups throughout the United States. During conversations with other people, the topic of travel would come up often and stories from Jerri and Kristina’s adventures would cause the reaction of “I wish I would have done it when I was your age.” And from there, Jerri and Kristina were unofficially tasked with spreading the travel bug to young women everywhere.

The concept of having a book was born years ago when Kristina visited Jerri in Miami, Florida. Instead of enjoying the vibrant culture and beautiful beaches, the girls opted to take up residence at the South Beach Starbuck’s for the weekend to get their ideas onto paper.

From there, the Do It While You’re Young web site was born. And as they say, the “rest is history!”

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