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Do It While You’re Young (DIWYY) is a website for young women from the ages of 18-35 designed to inspire and guide readers to travel, study, work, and volunteer abroad. DIWYY was found by Jerri Stephenson and Kristina Wegscheider who together have covered more than sixty countries and territories spanning from Antarctica to Japan to Zimbabwe – and they have not even reached age 30. They thrive on exploring new countries, trying new things, and going to places others only dream of. Kristina and Jerri met in 2002 while studying abroad in Australia with the Cooperative Center for Study Abroad. They became instant friends who shared a love of travel and world exploration.

The Do It While You’re Young brand evolved after Jerri and Kristina had several meet-ups throughout the United States. During conversations with other people, the topic of travel would come up often and stories from Jerri and Kristina’s adventures would cause the reaction of “I wish I would have done it when I was your age.” And from there, Jerri and Kristina were unofficially tasked with spreading the travel bug to young women everywhere. The concept of having a book was born years ago when Kristina visited Jerri in Miami, Florida. Instead of enjoying the vibrant culture and beautiful beaches, the girls opted to take up residence at the South Beach Starbuck’s for the weekend to get their ideas onto paper.


Name: Kristina Wegscheider

Role: Co-founder/Editor/Writer

Hometown: San Jose, CA

U.S. States Visited: 24

Countries Visited: 45

Continent Count: 7

Education: Bachelor’s in Mass Communication from U.C. Berkeley; currently pursuing Master’s in Human Resources from Chapman University

Travel Specialties: Balancing a full-time job with a full travel schedule, Studying abroad, Frequent flyer miles

When she is not traveling, she is: running, biking, watching movies, dining with friends and writing about travel.

Contact: kristina@diwyy.com

Name: Jerri Stephenson

Role: Co-founder/Social Media Guru

Hometown: Houston, TX

U.S. States Visited: 34

Countries Visited: 28

Continent Count: 6

Education: Bachelor’s in Management and Marketing from Abilene Christian University; completing pre-reqs to apply to medical school

Travel Specialties: Working abroad, studying abroad, backpacking

When she is not traveling, she is: running, going to the beach, Twittering, doing yoga, and thinking about the next trip.

Contact: jerri@diwyy.com

DIWYY has an amazing group of talented contributors and advisors that help keep us running. Check out these awesome women that we couldn’t do without!

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