7 Gadgets To Pack When Planning a Camping Trip


Planning a Camping TripWhile a lot of people prefer to go camping to get away from technology and busy lifestyles, others find that technology can enhance the experience. This doesn’t mean that you strap a satellite dish to your camper and install LCD televisions so you can watch the game, but there are many gadgets that can enhance safety and functionality. Planning a camping trip with the right gear may mean the difference between enjoying your stay in the great outdoors and being miserable. Read on for seven gadgets to pack when camping.

Solar Charging Unit

Small solar charging units can keep your smartphones powered during the day. Although you may be trying to avoid civilization, having your phone available can be invaluable should there be an emergency. Most phones are equipped with exceptional cameras that can take amazing pictures while you’re in nature as well. It may also provide GPS location and mapping abilities should you become lost.

Solar LED Flashlight

A solar charging LED flashlight can help you see in the dark without worrying about using up the battery. Most of these devices can remain lit for up to eight hours at a time off of a single day of charging. Some LED flashlights can produce more light than traditional flashlights using incandescent bulbs.

Bluetooth Speaker

Music is often used at the campsite, and Bluetooth speaker systems are capable of connecting to various smartphones and tablets. Some are also capable of being charged off of the solar unit allowing you to continue playing music throughout your stay. These devices can range widely in size from small handheld units to larger systems that double as coolers.

Solar Tent Fan

Although some tents are built with a solar fan attached, you can buy these units separately. If your campsite is out in the open, your tent can become quite unbearably hot. These units can increase the comfort level when you want to take a nap after a morning of fishing. On the opposite spectrum, if you’re camping during cooler temperatures and have access to propane or electricity, consider a tent heater. Don’t have at tent? Read these reviews to find the best tent for you.

Solar Shower

Solar showers give you a warm method to keep yourself clean. Instead of facing an arctic-cold stream to bathe in, these units will heat up to five gallons of water and provide a warm shower for a brief time. Some will even come with a small curtain to give you some privacy.

Multi-tool Knife

Whether it’s a Swiss army knife or one specifically for camping, multi- tool knives are one of the most underestimated items you can have in your camping gear. While you might not think you’ll use most of the gadgets that are attached to these devices, situations could easily come up where the right tool would be greatly beneficial.

Solar Lantern

Although you may be tired of hearing about solar energy, it’s one of the most viable methods of producing power when camping. It’s this ability that can keep lanterns lit throughout the entire night without worrying about propane gas. Many units will also come built with a hand crank in case you need a little bit of extra juice.

Organizations such as Outdoor-Traveler can put you in some of the most amazing natural settings. While there may not be power sockets to plug in game consoles or televisions, you can still benefit from some of the creature comforts of civilization. Protect yourself and your loved ones by making sure your camping gear is ready to go. You don’t want to be out in nature without everything you need for basic survival.


Photo Courtesy of Brenda Wiley

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