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The Matinloc Shrine El Nido

You might have heard of “El Nido” or came across the term at least. For those of you who encountered the word for the first time, here’s what you need to know: El Nido is a first class municipality in the province of Palawan, renowned for its stunning natural wonders. Being a popular travel destination in the Philippines, there’s no wonder why the place has become all the rage both locally and internationally.

There might be a few things you already know about El Nido but here are 7 more facts about El Nido, Palawan that will interest you.

You can swim along with the whale sharks

Whale Shark El NidoDespite their massiveness, the whale sharks are totally harmless creatures of the sea. These gentle sea giants can grow up to 12m in length and can weigh up to 20 tons. These creatures are rare animals as well, so an opportunity for a close encounter with them is something you wouldn’t wanna miss. In El Nido, you can have the chance to swim along with these beautiful marine giants.

It has a plethora of marine species

Considering El Nido’s underwater wealth, there are tons of various fishes and undersea creatures you can see, and sometimes swim with, on the waters. These animals make home in the vibrant corals of El Nido’s waters. The number of islands and diving spots found in El Nido attest that the place is rich with healthy corals and marine life, which makes snorkeling and scuba diving a fun and exciting activity here. Clownfish, bannerfish, and sea urchins are just few of the many marine species you’ll find in the waters.

It is home to amazing specimen of geological formations

Not only is El Nido known for its pristine beaches and underwater sceneries. The place is also renowned for its remarkable geological formations, and among these attractions is the Cadugnon Cave.

The cave not only holds a notable beauty because of its natural formation, the place is also a venue of historical significance. The cave carries an archeological value, because bones and various artifacts has been found inside, which suggests early humans once made this cave their shelter.

Adventures in island expeditions and camping

El Nido CampingEl Nido, Palawan is where people go to when they want to explore the great outdoors. The place not only grants you with an exceptional underwater haven, but it also provides you with a perfect setting to build camp. With its neighboring islands and islets, El Nido allows a peaceful stay under the night skies with only the sounds of nature to accompany you during your alfresco stay. Camping in El Nido is a great approach to get away from the noise and traffic of the city.

It is home to other magical islands

El Nido has a number of islands, all of which are gorgeous. Fine white sand, glistening blue green waters, astonishing views and underwater artistry will leave you dumbfounded. Each of these islands has a unique character, but all equally spectacular. Honestly, you really can’t pick a favorite, because each has its distinct charm.

El Nido has lots of Waterfalls

Apart from its wide coastlines, El Nido also has its fair share of inland bodies of water. The place has many waterfalls, in different sizes. These natural wonders are perfectly situated usually in the deep forest, with lush greens and jagged terrains creating a raw yet relaxing atmosphere. Although it usually takes a bit of hiking to reach these spots, the trip is all worth it in the end when you get to glimpse these beautiful attractions and enjoy the fresh and clear waters.

Majestic Shrine in El Nido

Another thing that adds to the appeal of El Nido, Palawan are its history and stories. Other than the beautiful vistas in the island to entertain you, the stories behind great structures and sites will make your trip even more interesting. The Matinloc Shrine in El Nido, for instance, holds a story of love and abandonment between two people.

Other than the tales, people love to travel to this location to experience the great aerial view of the island. Overlooking the blues and greens of the water and towering limestone walls will make you feel like you’re standing on your very own island.

El Nido is as fascinating as its sceneries. The place has a lot to offer other than the apparent splendor that it carries. Along with its stimulating facts and tales, your trip to El Nido, Palawan will certainly be one for the books!

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