6 Must Have Travel Apps for the Solo Female Traveler


Must Have Travel Apps_CAFNRFor many female travelers the thought of going on a solo trip can be a strange one at first, but with the correct preparation this mountain quickly becomes more of a molehill. When considering an app, safety and security are among the first concerns. The following app suggestions make the journey more enjoyable too.

Google Translate quickly changed the way that we check out the written word but it can also help with the spoken word too. This handy app can be used to improve pronunciation and the voice recognition can even help travelers on the spot. There are 58 languages included. There are few places that this app wouldn’t come in handy.

To have some entertainment on hand for those quieter times spent in hotels, bingo can be a fun distraction. Bingo apps for tablets, like those recommended on tablet-bingo.com, are all the rage and travelers can use these for gambling or just free fun.

In our home country we all know the number for emergency services but the same can’t always be said when traveling abroad. The app Help Call allows travelers to be connected to emergency services based on their location. This can save valuable time in case of an emergency. We recommend brushing up on what to do in a medical emergency before you depart.

If you use public transportation when abroad then use the AllSubway app to plan your journey. It’s available to use in 125 different cities in the world, including some of the most far flung places. This can be used to plot a journey from one point to another and can even keep a track of the various times that each mode of transport arrives. This can make traveling in a large city with many travel options less overwhelming.

Instagram is a must for many aspiring travel photographers and the option to location tag your photos is useful. The filters and options to touch up your photos also helps to make each moment more cinematic. When travelers are satisfied with their image it’s simple to tap and share it with the world.

There’s nothing worse than trying to find a place to go to the bathroom in a new city but there’s an app for that too. SitOrSquat is the app that female travelers have been waiting for, as it compiles over 95,000 different toilets. Users can take pictures and rate the experience if they feel so inclined, and this is a great way to give back to the app’s community.

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