4 Tips for Staying in a Luxurious Hotel in Bali


Karma Jimbaran Hotel BaliBali is one of the most exotic places in the world.  A luxurious jungle paradise awaits those who embark on this trip. Bali itself realizes how stunning it is. Its official website states that “bali” means “island of the gods,” and if the gods were ever to go on vacation, this is certainly a place they would enjoy. It has everything you could want, and when it comes to booking your vacation, you can choose from a number of luxurious hotels right in the heart of everything you want to see. Here are some key things to keep in mind when staying in a luxurious hotel in Bali.

Look for Hidden Fees

Not all fees at 5 star hotels will be disclosed or even be ones that you expect, not because the hotel is shady but because certain fees are just expected. Internet, for instance, is a common fee service. While in the United States it is common for hotels to provide free wifi, that is not the case in many foreign countries. But even if you decide to access it on your smart phone, Trip Hacker warns that there may be additional roaming fees entirely separate from the hotel.

Most of the time, you can call up the hotel or speak with the concierge to find out what all will be charged. Locations like the Karma 5 Star Resort Jimbaran may tell you over the phone or send you to their website where you can find a breakdown. If you do find that additional charges have been added to your account that you have not authorized, do not be afraid to discuss it with management. Do remember to be polite though. Do not accuse them of being shysters or hiding the ball. Sometimes it’s just a simple misunderstanding.

Do Not Assume That Tipping is Included

In some luxury resorts, tipping is included in your overall service fee. This tends to be true more often with all inclusive resorts. But even so, you should not assume that no tips are expected or that tips are allowed. It all depends on the hotel and what is included. The best way to find out what is expected is to ask at the front desk what the policies are. If they say that tipping is not forbidden, then you can generally assume that tips are expected. And, even if tips are already included in your overall price, you can bet that a little extra tipping will result in even better service.

Remember the Hotel Cannot Control the Festivals

Hundreds of millions of tourists come to Indonesia every year just to experience the festivals. They might even be part of the reason that you’re going. Hotels can often be found right in the middle of these activities, making it easier than ever to engage in the festivities. However, some of these festivals can become quite noisy. Depending on the festival, the deity honored, and the common traditions, it may be extremely loud and pungent. Roadways often become cluttered, and even walking a few blocks can take hours because of the crowds. The hotel can do nothing to prevent this. If you do not want to be around crowds, then you should look for a luxury hotel that is not directly centered in the festivities. While hotels like Karma Resorts will always provide the absolute best service they can, there is nothing they can do to tone down public events.

Bring an Adapter

No matter where you go when you travel abroad, you should always take along a power adapter. Even if the hotel says that they have the necessary power connectors, it’s best to come prepared. Even some luxury hotels do not have consistent power connectors that are compatible with American chargers. And unlike some hotels in the US where power adapters are readily available, they are not a guarantee in Bali. So save yourself the headache and come prepared.

Bali is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can scuba dive, explore jungles, and more, but, best of all, you can indulge in absolute luxury in the beautiful hotels. However, there are some things that you will want to bear in mind when you are looking for the perfect hotel. You should always find out about what the hidden fees are, those fees that you aren’t expecting or that you might not think are typical. You should also find out about tipping as different hotels have different policies. Make sure that you also know where the hotel is located. If you don’t want to be engaged in or hear the celebrations at the festivals, look for a hotel away from them because the hotels have no control over the festivals. Where you go, no matter what the hotel says, make sure you bring a power adapter so that you can always keep your phone and tablet charged. Read this Do it While You’re Young post for information on hostels, hotels and home-stays for your vacation in southeast Asia.

Photo Courtesy of Karma Jimbaran Resort

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