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An Antarctic cruise sounds pretty cool. It’s something you haven’t done before. It’s something nobody you know has done before. It’s unusual. It’s an adventure. But… what will you do when you get there? Isn’t it all just ice and snow and more ice and snow?

It turns out there’s all sorts of activities you get to try out when you reach the south end of our lovely little planet. Here’s a list naming just 8 of the adventures for you to experience.

Hiking and snowshoeing

Hiking and snowshoeing is an activity offered by almost any cruise (but not every cruise – make sure you do a wee bit of research first).

Usually you’ll be offered a variety of hikes growing in difficulty. They’ll range from an easy stroll along the Antarctic shores up to rugged walks that can take half a day across uneven ground with an amazing vista as a reward at the end of all that huffing and puffing.


Quite a few Antarctic cruises offer you the chance to hop in a kayak and paddle around in a sheltered bay. Kayaking itself is fun and relatively easy to learn, but its awesome factor grows exponentially as you pair it with the location. You’ll get the chance to check out seals sunning themselves on ice flows or penguins making goo-goo eyes at each other by the millions. You might even get the chance to get up close to one of Mother Nature’s greatest works of art – icebergs.


Mountaineering has one foot in the hike category – you’ll generally have to walk a bit to get to the mountains. But once you’re there you’ll be strapping on some crampons (spikes that attach to your boots) and you’ll follow your experienced guide up to where you can get a higher view. You’re definitely going to want to bring a camera.

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Iceland regularly ranks as one of the best tourist locations in the world because of its fascinating geographic features, beautiful history and an array of exciting outdoor activities that make any vacation fun-filled. The country lies between mainland Europe and Greenland. The geographic isolation has allowed for Iceland’s rich Nordic culture to thrive even by today’s standards.

Though many tourists may first perceive Iceland as an isolated country; it is a false belief since they are many direct flights to Reykjavik from the East Coast of the United States. Once you are in Iceland, you can never run short of things to do in your holiday. Keep reading to discover the best of Iceland.

You can consider hiking activities, watch the country’s massive lava fields and even opt for helicopter rides assuming that you don’t mind being an adrenaline junky. Many tourists who have been to Iceland often describe it as a dream holiday destination since it offers unique experiences, thanks to its beautiful landscape, numerous volcanos, hot springs and beautiful glaciers.

Best time to visit Iceland

June and August are popular months among tourists visiting Iceland. June is preferred because it offers 24 hours Arctic daylight while July and August are warmer.

Traveling to Iceland between mid-September and mid-October is also good since the period doesn’t see a swell in tourist numbers as observed between June and August. Therefore, if you would want to experience less hassles at various tourist locations in Iceland, mid-September and mid-August travel would be ideal.

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Traveling is one of the best hobbies to have for the simple reason that you can’t run out of things to visit. Traveling is fun and there is always plenty of exploring to do; whether you’re checking out, looking into visiting Natchez or New York. Today we’re taking a look at the New York City, one of the biggest cities in the world. You can expect to choose from quite a few attractions since it’s not just big, it’s also old and full of history. So here are top things to do while in the Big Apple.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Visiting a museum might not have been on your priority list but this isn’t just any museum. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a place where 5000 thousand years worth of history collide in millions (2 million to be more precise) art pieces. It’s definitely a place for those passionate about both art and history.

Go down in Time Square

Time Square is an iconic landmark in its own right so if you’re in New York City you just have to go see it for yourself. You’ve definitely seen it in movies and other media, but it’s a completely different experience when you’re right there, in the middle of the crowd. It’s definitely a chaotic place as well, where you can expect your body to be pushed into overdrive due to all the things that attract your attention at the same time. From the huge crowds making their way from one side to the other, to the different events or manifestations in the streets, to the infinite number of billboards and publicity display panels, there are loads of colors and sounds all mixing into one big boom.

Climb the Empire State Building

Of course, we mean climb it from the inside, not Spider-Man your way to the top. The Empire State Building is another iconic landmark that pretty much defines New York but also represents a pure portion of America’s essence. The Empire State Building passed the 100th mark when it comes to how many floors it has, and the higher you go, the more breath taking the view becomes. Those who make it all the way to the 102nd floor are rewarded with a truly incredible oversight of the city. That’s the kind of mental picture that never leaves you, and that’s also probably why the Empire State Building is the most popular place for tourists to visit in the Big Apple.

Photo courtesy of  Prathamesh Kale

India is dotted with many splendid and striking cave sites. From the aesthetically pleasing cave sites in Ajanta to the spiritually soothing caves of Tabo to the historically invigorating caves of Bhimbetka or the natural splendor of the Borra caves, the vision they provide is enticing and beguiling. The many beautiful cave sites of India bear a witness to its diversity.

Ajanta and Ellora

Kailash Temple, Ellora, Photo by Kunal Mukherjee, CC BY-SA 2.0

Around 5th century BCE Buddhism was gaining importance as a faith in the Indian subcontinent. During that period of time, many wandering monks found residence in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora. These caves bear a testimony of their teachings through the many exalted and illustrious sculptures and paintings. These caves were used as assembly or prayer halls and called ‘chaitya-griha’. Despite being famous for the Buddhist caves, this site also has Jain caves and Hindu temples like the Kailasanatha temple. The Kailasanath temple is a monolithic rock-cut temple meant to house the great lord Shiva. This marker of religious and aesthetic beauty lies in the district of Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra. To know more about these caves and it’s nearby attraction read this article for tourist places to visit in Aurangabad.

Elephanta Caves

Photo by Ashwin Kumar, CC BY-SA 2.0

The Elephanta island is a short ferry ride away from the bustling city of Mumbai. In this serene and aloof setting, we find a network of caves dedicated to the Shiva cult. The cave showcases three aspects of Shiva that are the essence of the Hindu mythology: creator, destroyer and preserver. He is shown in his many avatars, like that of the nimble Nataraja or the ferocious Mahadeva. The island has a network of caves with the most important one being the grand cave 1. This is a site that can and should be frequented by the many residents of the city when in need of a break from the hectic city life. To know more tourist places in and around Mumbai, check this article.

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Things you need to know for a road trip in Europe

Road trips are fun and surely give an amazing experience that one remembers throughout their life. You visit new places. You observe cultural diversity. You explore unfamiliar maps. You travel to places that you have planned for a long time. And have lots of fun. But road trips can be hectic as well, if you haven’t done proper preparations.

There are some must-know tips that one should know, before embarking on road trips. But they differ according to the locality. Europe, being an amazing place to explore by road trip, has a lot to offer to travelers.

The continent Europe has 48 sovereign states, and has different customs and traditions throughout the land to offer. Below are some things that you should have knowledge of before your expedition.

Hiring a vehicle abroad

What is the cheapest way for renting a car? Which will give you the most mileage per gallon of fuel? How do you deal with car insurance?  Even though hiring a vehicle has many benefits but a road tour is more ideal for countryside trips. And it will save you from the city’s traffic too. As exploring Europe through a road trip is your pre-travel decision, the most major thing on your preparation list is hiring a vehicle abroad.

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